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Getting in the Challenge and Out of the Comfort Zone

I always knew I wanted to continue my education, the dilemma I faced was choosing law school vs. MBA vs. JD-MBA. After looking at all of the numbers, I chose an MBA. I chose Purdue's Krannert School of Management because I was complacent where I was at as far asPurdue Krannert John Stephens location/school, and a mentor from my undergraduate experience told me that you should never be comfortable/complacent.  And so, instead of settling for my MBA where I was comfortable, I moved somewhere I had never been before. Somewhere where I knew no one. Employers love this, it shows that you are adaptable. Other factors I considered were rankings and, of course, placement statistics. After reviewing all of the criteria, Krannert was the best option for me.

"Instead of settling for my MBA where I was comfortable, I moved somewhere I had never been before. Employers love this, it shows you’re adaptable."

Krannert is unique in a sense that the program requires the student to become close with the given cohort and work load. This, plus engagement outside of classroom, leads you to knowing 90 percent of the other students by name. Let me clarify, you not only get to know the MBA program students, you also engage with the One-Year MBA, MS Global Supply Chain Managment, MS Finance, MS Marketing, MS Human Resource Management and other cohorts as well. Anywhere I go in West Lafayette, I run into someone I know through one of these programs. 

There are also abundant opportunities outside of the classroom at Krannert. Between ELI (Experiential Learning Initiative), KGSA (Krannert Graduate Student Association), student organizations, case competitions, and all the other enriching experiences, there are endless opportunities to get involved. That does not even include the speakers that come to Purdue that might not necessarily be through Krannert. One of the more recent examples was a visit from John Schnatter (CEO of Papa John’s), who came to Purdue this year as part of the Presidential Lecture series. The Entrepreneur club was able to get 45 minutes with Mr. Schnatter before the series specifically for the Krannert master’s programs. The venue for the series was packed, with over 2000 students just wanting to be in the room to listen to him speak. We were also able to have a one-on-one session with him.

I will be spending this summer in Richmond, Virginia, working for Evonik Industries in finance. After the program, I plan on joining a large corporation (pending) in finance/procurement and working my way up to an executive level. Being a young professional I am not bound geographically, and this will allow multiple opportunities for me.

Purdue Krannert in general has been a much different experience for me than undergraduate. When recruiters look at my resume/LinkedIn, I am confident that my graduate school experience at Purdue will prove to be much more valuable than what the other schools that were on my radar had to offer. I cannot imagine a better launchpad for my career.


John Stephens

2nd Year MBA