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Groundhog Day: KGSA President Predictions

"Vision and mission are great to talk about, but very difficult to change overnight. What can be done overnight is getting people together, understanding what they think will make them successful and getting concrete initiatives started. This is what I believe in."

Nikita Atal_Purdue MBA Krannert

These words belong to KGSA's newly elected President, Nikita Atal. Equipped with fresh ideas, Atal has a distinct mission to strengthen the Krannert community with an emphasis on assisting international students with the various challenges presented in such circumstances. At the same time, she is prepared to address student ideas and concerns in order to create concrete initiatives and set a foundation for future classes.

With Groundhog day upon us, it only seems fitting to ask Atal for future semester predictions. Here's an exclusive look at what our new president has to say:

Q: What are your priorities as KGSA President for this upcoming semester?

I am very excited to have a great group of board members to collaborate and work with. My priorities are straightforward: 

1. More interaction between students from all programs 
2. Address challenges faced by international students 
3. More interaction with Alumni via different activities 
4. Opportunities for an all-round development.
Q: Based on your priorities, what kind of predictions would you make for the Spring Semester?

I believe that students want to be more involved and get to know others. I predict that there will be more social events where we can meet all other Krannert Masters’ program students, including weekend MBAs. Students will actively lead initiatives and participate in fun events. I also predict celebration of some cool festivals from different lands!

Our prediction? Nikita is going to accomplish some amazing feats this semester and beyond!