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My Team. My Friends. My Krannert MBA.

One of my fondest memories at Purdue was going out for waffles for the first time with my teammates, at 5 a.m. in the morning, after a 24-hour case competition. For me that is what an MBA program is all about: hard work, brilliant friends and the satisfaction that you learned a great deal, every time.

Dennis Hernandez_Purdue Krannert MBA

Krannert is unique to me for many reasons- for one, its supply chain and analytics prestige is paramount. Secondly its diversity factor. Coming from an international logistics background, I realize the importance of understanding how to do business with stakeholders from around the world. At Krannert, if you want to know how to do business in Japan, you can ask your Japanese friend sitting next to you.

Moreover, the faculty is very diverse. I have had courses with professors from at least six nationalities, all who bring industry experience and a unique perspective to every class.

Additionally, the faculty is outstanding. Professor Gemma Berenguer can teach an abstract, mathematical concept in operations in a way that is comprehendible to every student. Krannert believes in balancing analytical skills with necessary soft skills for business students. Professor Denise Driscoll, who imparts managerial communication skills, has taught me how to summarize large amounts of data into succinct yet impactful speaking points.They all go the extra mile to make sure that students learn something valuable.

"One of my fondest memories was going out for waffles with my teammates, at 5 A.M. after a 24 hour case competition."

My team, who happens to be composed of my closest friends, has definitely impacted my learning experience at Purdue. From a humble analytical Indian genius, an unconventional and supportive entrepreneur from Colorado, to a detail-oriented Lebanese diplomat, we are incredibly different. However, after each chaotic study session, we come up with deliverables that exceed our expectations, while having had a great time.

With that said, the greatest challenge has definitely been searching for an internship. International students encounter a reduced pool of companies to which they can apply to. However, after mock interviews, career fairs and networking sessions, I now feel very comfortable talking to an employer about how my particular set of skills can provide value for them. It is a much needed experience for MBA students.

This summer I am doing two internships: a procurement consulting project for a large motorcycle manufacturer in India, and an import/export project for a startup in Indiana. At Krannert I have had the opportunity to pair my supply chain industry background with Krannert’s well rounded curriculum in analytics, to take my skills to the next level. I look forward to practicing my newfound skills after graduation.


Dennis Hernandez

MBA First Year