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Prepare Now for Your Admissions Interview

Brett ShealyAlthough all components of your application are considered in a holistic view, the admissions interview gives a more personal opportunity to combine your unique character with your accomplishments.  Whether you have completed your application or just begun, the interview is a must-have for all incoming students.  The earlier you start to prepare, the more confident you will be in your interview.

Here are a few tips to help:

  • Demonstrate Strong Interpersonal Skills
    • Working in close-knit groups is part of the experience at Krannert and, of course, many work environments. Be prepared to discuss your own experiences in building relationships, resolving problems and interacting with others.
  • Know Your Plan
    • You should be able to effectively articulate your past experiences, what led to your decision to attend graduate school, how you and Krannert are the right fit for each other and what you seek in the future.
  • Show Leadership Potential 
    • This is your chance to show off not only your decision-making responsibilities in the professional environment, but also how you have displayed leadership qualities among your peers in various settings.
  • Distinguish Your Experience 
    • Be prepared to discuss the accomplishments that you are most proud of and the contributions you made to any organization.  Set yourself apart from others with your special interests, community involvement, hobbies and other successes.

The admissions interview may be an intense experience for many, but with a considerate amount of preparation, it could become an enjoyable conversation about an easy topic…YOU!

Good Luck and Boiler Up!

Brett Shealy 
MBA ‘14