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Risky Business: Secret to Student Success

We all have an innate appetite for success, but some of us are hungrier than others. Sometimes in order to achieve above average results, we must raise the stakes of our own endeavors.  David Rennard_Krannert MBA

Whether you are a risk taker or not, there will be a point in most everyone’s life when an important decision needs to be made without a clear vision of what’s next. Frightening? Yes. But mulling over the ‘what ifs’ associated with passing up the chance of a lifetime down the road may be an even more terrifying experience.

With that said, everyone must take risks in order to learn and grow- it’s inevitable and even healthy. Unfortunately the luxury of falling and landing on a soft cushion, ready to spring back up is impractical and costly, specifically dealing with large-scale ventures. There seem to be very few success stories involving a single individual rising from the ashes to create and conquer his or her business idea – although a common denominator does exist between successful entrepreneurs and outside aid...especially academia.

One of the unique benefits of attending a university like Purdue is the ability to tap into a variety of resources, not limited to a specific program or college. Being a risk taker is welcomed with open arms and encouraged within the Krannert culture specifically. The support and guidance of professors and other students is overwhelming, and many graduate students are involved in side ventures or working with other businesses and/ or research on campus.

Second year MBA student David Rennard, who has a background in restauraunt management, shared some insights regarding his experience at Krannert and how he found an opportunity to get involved with the Nutrition Department through Krannert.


Q: What does Krannert Culture Mean to You?

There is a culture of support at Krannert, and if you want to try something it’s not like you have to go out on a limb because it’s a safe and healthy place to do just that. I imagine other schools are more competitive and spend less time focused on teamwork and helping each other. Here I can be involved in club leadership and make an impact. I’m able to try ideas I normally wouldn’t try, and the people I surround myself with will give me honest feedback about what I’m doing. We look out for each other.


Q: What differentiates Krannert from other top tier business schools?

Definitely the Midwestern hospitality…people smile. That was new to me. When I first applied here, I had a great first interaction with Sheloy in the administration office. She was quick to reply to all of my emails and the entire process was streamlined well. The interaction I have with other students is great. Since Purdue is STEM focused, it is well equipped with a variety of disciplines and opportunities. Right now I’m doing an independent study with the Nutrition Department, working on a project to offer healthy snacks in high schools. Startups and local/national schools are interested in creating more nutritious alternatives for snacking, and it's neat to be involvled with that. I also have the ability to help evaluate several biotech companies for an office across campus- you can't just do that at any school.

Rennard believes that his time at Krannert has presented him with numerous opportunities that he would not have had otherwise. We wish him the best of luck in his future endeavors and look forward to seeing what the future has in store for this spotlight student.