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The Value of Commitment

Andrea PuterbaughThere are many skills which will help someone within the business world succeed. Examples include hard work, honesty, intellect, fairness, and many other skills. While all of these are important in business, there is one characteristic that stands out to me. Commitment.

Commitment is a quintessential part of becoming an effective leader. My time in Krannert so far has taught me that commitment is what helps to set apart the good students from the great students. There is a great deal of homework, many team meetings, group interactions and other demands which every MBA student in the program must engage in every day.

It can sometimes be frustrating when trying to work through complex issues that take a while to solve. Sometimes it can seem like it would be easier to settle for a good solution than to invest the time to find the best possible solution. Unfortunately, this mentality it not one that will lead to success. Thankfully, this is not really something that I see much of in the Krannert Master’s Programs. Not only do individuals commit and push themselves, but they commit to their teams and propel their teams forward.

I am fortunate to be part of a team with several extremely dedicated members who will push our group past the “good” answers toward “great” answers. We have learned to do this strategically by being committed to the task at hand. Moreover, the team member who I continuously see going above and beyond is someone who I believe embodies commitment very well. This person is someone who will be the first to arrive and the last to leave at nearly every team meeting. Although we have designated leaders within the group for certain projects, he never needs a title to be a leader. He is someone who we generally see helping to lead the group in a quiet yet extremely effective way, and the reason behind this is his absolute commitment to the team. He is one of the first to volunteer to do extra work when needed, and he never has excuses. An important part of commitment is to do your part without giving excuses because, at the end of the day, an excuse will never aid in the success of an individual or a team.

I strive to show commitment to the things with which I am involved. I know that commitment helps us endure difficult situations and lends itself to long-term success. Commitment to anything is an investment. Employers are always looking for people who will demonstrate their commitment daily. When I look at my teammate that I shared about, I know that his commitment, along with many other valuable skills, will lead him to success wherever he goes. There is never a better time to learn how to fully commit and become a dedicated team member than today.

Andrea Puterbaugh

First-Year MBA Student