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BKD Research Workshop

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2013-2014 Speakers

Workshop Coordinators: Mark Bagnoli and Susan G. Watts

Spring Semester workshops will generally be held in Rawls Hall, room 2058 from 10:30 am - noon except as noted below.

SpeakerSchoolWorkshop DatePaper
Craig Chapman Northwestern University Sept. 20, 2013 "Real Earnings Management in Sales, the Interaction with Finance and Appearance in Financial Reports"
Pingyang Gao University of Chicago Oct. 4, 2013 "Optimal Thresholds in Accounting Recognition Standards"
Romana Autrey University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign Oct. 18, 2013 "The Importance of Audit Quality Standards"
Jennifer Altamuro Wharton/The Ohio State University

Oct. 25, 2013

RAWL 2079

"A Commitment to Quality: An Examination of Plant-Level Quality Control Failures and Financial Reporting Weaknesses"
Yun Zhang George Washington University Nov. 15, 2013 "The Effects of Public Information with Asymmetrically Informed Short-Horizon Investors"
Michael Fu Purdue University

February 28, 2014

RAWL 2077

"Insider Trading Filing and Intra-Industry Information Transfer"
Judson Caskey University of Texas, Austin

to be rescheduled

Anil Arya The Ohio State University

to be rescheduled

Salman Arif Indiana University

April 25, 2014

RAWL 2077

"The Investment Perspective of Accurals: Do Theories of Investment Under Uncertainty Provide Insight Into the Factors that Shape a Firm's Level of Accruals?"

The Accounting Area wishes to express its appreciation to BKD for supporting the area's research mission and for sponsoring this workshop series.

Past BKD Workshop Speakers