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Economics Undergraduate Program



Purdue offers two undergraduate degrees in Economics: a Bachelor of Science (BS) and a Bachelor of Arts (BA). The BS degree is offered by the School of Management and is designed for students who expect to use economics and related quantitative methods in their careers. The BA degree is offered by the College of Liberal Arts and is designed for students who want to study economics in the context of a broader liberal arts education. Purdue also offers a Minor in Economics for students in a non-business major.

Economics is widely used by professionals in a large number of diverse fields. A degree in Economics is a great preparation for graduate school or for employment in one of many different occupations. If you are considering majoring or minoring in Economics, we invite you to watch this brief video, developed by the American Economic Association:

As described in the video, Economics is the study of how people make choices in the face of scarcities. Human behavior has important implications for markets, government policies, and other far-reaching applications. At Purdue, you will learn core micro and macro economic theory and then can chose from a menu of Economics Courses that cover diverse topics including: international trade, social interactions, tax policy, the banking system, public goods, the structure of industry, labor unions, antitrust policy, education, trust and bargaining, government regulation, discrimination, public finance, economic development, decision making under uncertainty, unemployment, any many, many others.

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