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Minor in Economics

Purdue University Campus 

Only students earning degrees outside the School of Management may earn a Minor in Economics. Economics majors have priority in registering for Economics courses. Students seeking a Minor in Economics are not given this priority and are not allowed to register for upper-division Economics courses until after Krannert registration restrictions are lifted. Course overrides are not provided and space in upper-division courses is not guaranteed. The demand for Economics courses is very high and many sections are already full when registration restrictions are lifted. The date when registration restrictions will be lifted is given on this Krannert website.

Minor Requirements

Complete the following 3 required courses (9 hours)

Complete 2 additional upper-level Economics courses from the list below (6 hours)

Additional Requirements:

  • A grade of a C- or better must be earned in any course used to fulfill the minor.
  • Transfer credit for ECON 25100 and ECON 25200 will be accepted for the minor only if posted on the student's Purdue transcript as ECON 25100 and/or ECON 25200. Undistributed transfer credit (i.e. ECON 2XXXX) will not be accepted.


Majors in Engineering, Mathematics, and Statistics pursuing a Minor in Economics are encouraged to take Econ 511 (fall semester), Econ 562 (fall semester), and Econ 512 (spring semester). These graduate level courses can be used to fulfill the upper-level course requirements for a Minor in Economics. These three courses can also be used toward meeting requirements for the MS degree in Economics. One option open to students who take these courses is to complete the remaining requirements (21 credit hours) for the MS degree in Economics after graduating by taking an innovative set of online courses specifically designed for the MS degree program.  Follow the link for more information on the combined degree program: BS in Engineering, Science, or Mathematics and MS degree in Economics.

Note that students in the School of Management (not Economics Majors) can pursue a Concentration in Economics rather than a Minor in Economics.