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Economics Undergraduate Program



Purdue University CampusEconomics is the study of how individuals make choices in the face of scarcities. The study of individual decision making and the resulting implications for markets and the determination of prices and quantities has numerous, far-reaching applications. Economists study such diverse topics as inflation, business cycles, international trade, tax policy, energy costs, agriculture, urban problems, the banking system, the structure of industry, crime and the legal system, labor unions, antitrust policy, regulation, public finance, economic development, and pollution. Economic analysis has also been used to increase our understanding of the dynamics of individual interactions and organizational structures.

The Department of Economics offers two undergraduate bachaloreate degrees, the Bachelor of Science (BS) degree and Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree in Economics. Both degree programs require Economics courses taught by the Deparatment of Economics, located in Purdue's School of Management. The BS degree in Economics is offered by the School of Management, and as such has additional requirements that reflect the general education requirements for students in the School of Management. The BS degree is for students who expect to use economics and related quantitative methods in their careers.  The BA degree is offered by the College of Liberal Arts, and as such has additional requirements that reflect the core curriculum requirements for students in the College of Liberal Arts. The BA degree is for students seeking a degree in Economics in the context of a broader liberal arts education.

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Mike Nunnally
Economics Academic Advisor
ECON BS Degree
School of Management
Email:  mnunnall@purdue.edu
Office: KRAN 381 
Phone: 765-494-4343ecomiomics requirements graphic


Colleen Williams
Economics Academic Advisor
ECON BA Degree
College of Liberal Arts
Email: cwill@purdue.edu
Office: Beering 1114
Phone: 765-494-3670ecomiomics requirements graphic

Economics Polo Shirts featuring the above logo designed by Purdue Econ Club students are available from the Economics Club

Professor Maskin Talk

In September, 2012, the Purdue Economics Club presented a talk by Professor Eric Maskin, a Nobel prize winner and Adams University Professor at Harvard University. Professor Maskin, who has contributed in areas that include game theory, contract theory, social choice theory, and political economy, discussed "How Do We Elect Presidents?"

Professor Robert HollandProfessor Robert Holland, a member of the Department of Economics, was voted best professor at Purdue in the 2010 Purdue Exponent (student newspaper) Reader's Choice Awards.

Professor Kelly BlanchardProfessor Kelly Blanchard, an award-wining teacher and member of the Department of Economics, is using new teaching tools to increase student engagement and learning. See the following article on her use of Purdue's "Hotseat".