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Sunah Kim

"After I graduated from Korea University Business School, I worked for TESCO Korea as a database marketing researcher. I was thrilled by the fact that I could reach out abundant consumer purchase data and use it to implement practical database marketing actions such as sending out short text promotion message or online/offline coupons and vouchers. Although those direct marketing activities seemed to be effective and beneficial to the firm, no one could answer the questions such as how effect it is how it should be improved and so on. Moreover, I started to be curious about how customers will react to the direct marketing promotion (i.e. feeling jealous or betrayed) that is only targeted to their friends and how firms should use direct marketing strategy under the circumstances where customers chat and share information. Krannert School of Management is the perfect place to me to address this type of interesting marketing questions. Our program is small and has very good student and faculty ratio. Students can closely and actively interact with and learn from faculty members. Moreover, students can have useful analytical tool kits from a series of Economics classes and learn marketing models from basic to state-of-the-art in the series of quantitative marketing seminars for the first two years."