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Marketing Undergraduate Major

Welcome to Krannert's undergraduate marketing program!

Marketing is a challenging field of study which, to an undergraduate major, offers a variety of exciting career opportunities.  Marketing careers can range from brand management to marketing research and analytics to public relations.

Marketing involves the transfer of goods or services from an organization to a customer. This process encompasses activities such as market research, product planning, sales forecasting, branding, packaging, advertising, distribution, pricing, and sales and distribution. Since marketing is concerned with meeting the needs of customers (the basic concern of any business), specialization in marketing provides a good background for a variety of career paths including a start-up or a small business. Marketing is also an increasingly relevant preparation for careers in non-profit organizations such as museums, hospitals, and charities. 

What are the Typical Job Titles in the Field of Marketing?


Product or brand manager, sales representative, market research analyst, sales representative, sales promotion manager, social media specialist, and pricing analyst


Store manager, buyer, and credit manager

Advertising Agencies

Advertising research analyst, copywriter, and account executive

Non-profit Organizations

Marketing manager, web design specialist, and social media specialist