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Organizational Behavior and Human Resources Area
Analytical Insight, Global Leaders

Master of Science in Human Resource Management

Take Charge of Your Future
At the Krannert School of Management, we recognize that policies do not change the workplace…PEOPLE do.   Our MSHRM program develops a unique combination of talents to help make YOU a business savvy leader of tomorrow…today!  You will learn to:

  • Develop an organization’s talent
  • Lead the rapidly changing human resources environment
  • Communicate effectively with other management professionals
  • Position yourself for a wide range of management roles
  • Become a business partner on a global stage

Taking You Beyond the Classroom
Krannert recognizes the important role that real-world projects play in your professional development.  Our MSHRM program empowers you to participate in a multitude of opportunities, such as:

  • The Experiential Learning Initiative
  • Consulting Opportunities
  • Case Competitions

Want to Know More?
Graduates will receive a Master of Science degree with a concentration in Human Resource Management. Contact us to learn more about how Krannert’s MSHRM program can prepare you to meet the challenges of tomorrow!

Purdue’s Human Resource Management program aligns with Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) Guidelines.