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Animated whiteboard to maximize discussion

Richard Makadok

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Online reviews correlation to sales

Zaiyan Wei

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hiring effects of “best places to work”

Brian Dineen

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Quality, Competition, and Risk-Taking

Lin Nan

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Taxes and capital structure choices

Mara Faccio

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Global Health Supply Chains

Iyer and Berenguer

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Optimizing complex processes

Mohit Tawarmalani

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Management Department

Featured Research

long line of people

In the Queue

We’ve all been there — stuck in line at a bank, retail store, service center or event. Although numerous studies suggest that single queue lines are faster, new research coauthored by Krannert operations and economics professor Yaroslav Rosokha finds that servers work more slowly in a single queue than when they each have their own queue.

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content spilling from laptop screen

Under Review

It should come as no surprise that online product reviews correlate closely with purchasing decisions and sales, making them increasingly important to the bottom line of companies with online retailing platforms. However, what is the incentive for individual consumers who post their feedback and opinions on products?

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Person standing at dead end

Where Now?

If there is one thing certain about U.S. policy in these turbulent times, it is uncertainty. According to research by Huseyin Gulen, a professor of finance at Purdue’s Krannert School of Management, the impact on corporate investment is particularly negative,both from a short- and long-term perspective.

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Tired worker with clock overhead

On the Clock

We not only live in a 24-7 world, but also work in one. From health care and manufacturing to retailing and information technology, someone is on the clock every hour of every day. Research by Purdue’s Ellen Ernst Kossek examines how that presents a growing challenge for employees, employers and those whose manage the work schedules of others.

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In the news

JIMS August issue Call papers listed in EBSCO
The Journal of International Management Studies SUBMISSION DEADLINE : August 30th, 2017

Krannert faculty research on hedge fund management highlighted in Institutional Investor
Researchers from Purdue University's Krannert School of Management and Loyola Marymount University find that funds of hedge funds may actually be pretty good at picking managers, just not good enough to overcome the additional fees they charge.

Krannert students create startup to provide coaching, acclimation guidance to Chinese students, visiting parents
Incoming students from China who are learning about a new culture have a new resource in a Purdue-affiliated and Krannert student startup offering personal coaching services. We-YouBond allows incoming students from China and their parents to sign up for a service that offers one-on-one coaching with an experienced student on topics ranging from study habits to local housing.


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