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(765) 494-4460(765) 49-44460KCTR 218Ph.D., Business Management, Purdue UniversityMBA, Brigham Young UniversityB.S., Electrical Engineering, Brigham Young University <p>Dr. Allred began his career as an electrical engineer at Eyring Research Institute in the mid 80s designing digital equipment for 3M, Exxon and Chevron. &nbsp;He earned an MBA and began his business career at Novell in the late 80s.&nbsp; For nearly a decade he pioneered innovative alliances, advanced professional associations and managed award winning services and technologies.&nbsp; He was responsible for international user groups, technical support products, infobases, and user relationships with tens of thousands of corporate customers, resellers and service professionals worldwide.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>In the late 90s, Dr. Allred left industry to pursue a PhD at Purdue University.&nbsp; His doctoral research examined satisfaction and loyalty evaluations of high-tech business-to-business service exchange experiences.&nbsp; He is currently on the faculty of the Purdue University Krannert School of Management.&nbsp; Dr. Allred has expertise in quantitative research methods, modeling, and decision sciences, and has been recognized for exceptional instruction and research.&nbsp; Recent research awards include: 2011 Harold E. Fearon Award Best Paper,&nbsp; 2011 Literati Network Awards for Excellence Highly Commended Paper, 2010 Literati Network Awards for Excellence - Outstanding Paper, and 2010 E. Grosvernor Plowman Award - Best Research.</p> 403 West State StreetWest LafayetteIN47907-2056US 765-494-4466(765) 49-44466KRAN 417Ph.D., Carnegie Mellon University, 1991M.B.A., Indian Institute of Management, 1983B. Tech, Indian Institute of Technology, 1979 <p>Professor Balachander's teaching interests are in marketing strategy, pricing, and high-technology marketing. His research interests are in competitive marketing strategy, pricing, and market signaling, including use of pricing, advertising and branding for signaling purposes. He was recognized with a Purdue University Faculty Scholar award in 2009. A 2012 study published in the <em>Journal of Product Innovation Management</em> ranked Professor Balachander No. 16 among the world's top innovation management scholars based on articles published in the top marketing journals.<br> <br> In his research, Professor Balachander has applied game-theoretic models to the study of strategic marketing issues such as price and warranty signaling, bundling, entry deterrence and everyday low pricing. In his other stream of work, he has analyzed supermarket scanner-panel data and single-source data to understand pricing, advertising, and cross-category promotion effects. His research has been published or is forthcoming in <em>Journal of Marketing, Management Science, Marketing Science</em>, <em>Quantitative Marketing and Economics</em>, <em>Journal of Consumer Research</em>, <em>Review of Marketing Science</em>, and <em> Marketing Letters</em>. He currently serves on the Editorial Board of <em>Marketing Science</em>.<br> <br> Selected recent publications include &quot;Why Bundle Discounts Can Be A Profitable Alternative To Competing On Price Promotions?&quot; <em>Marketing Science</em>, 29 (4), 624-638 (2010); &quot;A Theoretical and Empirical Analysis of Alternate Auction Policies for Search Advertisements,&quot; <em>Review of Marketing Science</em>, Vol. 7, Article 5; &quot;Limited Edition Products: When and When Not to Offer Them?&quot; <em>Marketing Science</em>, 28 (2), 336-355 (2009); &quot;The Effect of Aisle and Display Placements, Merchandising and Promotion on Brand Sales: A Cross Category Analysis,<em>&quot; Journal of Marketing</em>, 73 (May), 99-117 (2009); &quot;Competitive Bundling and Counter-bundling with Generalist and Specialist Firms,&quot; <em>Management Science</em>, 53 (1), 159-168 (2007); &quot;Monitoring the Dynamics of Brand Equity Using Store-Level Data,&quot; <em>Journal of Marketing</em>, 71(2), 61-78 (2007); &quot;The Making of a Hot Product: A Signaling Explanation of Marketers' Scarcity Strategy,&quot; <em>Management Science</em>, 51(8), 1181-1192 (2005).</p> (765) 49-67747KRAN 439Ph.D., Marketing, Yale University, 2009M.Phil., Marketing, Yale University, 2008M.A., Marketing, Yale University, 2006M.Tech., Chemical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology Madras, 2004B.Tech., Chemical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology Madras, 2004 <p>Professor Datta joined the Krannert faculty in 2009. His teaching interests include marketing management, marketing strategy, marketing research, new product planning and development, and emerging markets. His research interests include competitive marketing strategy, market structure, emerging markets, social interactions, and empirical industrial organization methods.</p> 1650 Lilly RdLafayetteIN47909US 765-714-2291765-714-2291(765) 49-61342KRAN 468DVM, Purdue UniversityMSM, Purdue University <p>Dr. Laura Downey currently teaches Marketing at the Krannert School of Management at Purdue University.&nbsp; She is also President of Concordance Health Solutions, a start-up company in the Purdue Research Park that is developing technology to assist patients with medication adherence.&nbsp; Previously, Dr. Downey worked as a practicing veterinarian both in the private sector, and later, at the Purdue Veterinary Teaching Hospital,&nbsp;before joining Eli Lilly where she managed activities in Public Affairs, Market Research, and New Product Planning. She holds a Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine and a Masters of Science in Management both from Purdue University.&nbsp;<br> &nbsp;</p> Burton D. Morgan Center for Entrepreneurship1201 W. State St, IN 47907-2057W. LafayetteIN47907-2057US 765-496-9350(765) 49-69350MRGN 220A403 West State StreetWest LafayetteIN47907-2056US (765)-494-4400(765) 49-44400KRAN 463Ph.D., Management Science, Columbia University, 1975M.S., Industrial Engineering, Purdue University, 1970B. Tech., Mechanical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, 1969 <p>Professor Kalwani is the Marketing Area Coordinator at the Krannert School of Management, Purdue University. His teaching interests include business marketing, global marketing management, and strategic marketing management. His current research interests are measurement and management of brand equity, the impact of order of market entry on product performance and firm survival, pharmaceutical marketing, and cross-category store brand purchasing behavior. Among his recent publications are &quot;Monitoring the Dynamics of Brand Equity Using Store Level Data&quot; (with S. Sriram and S. Balachander), Journal of Marketing (April 2007); &quot;Optimal Advertising and Promotion Budgets in Dynamic Markets with Brand Equity as a Mediating Variable&quot; (with S. Sriram), Management Science (January 2007); &quot;Market Pioneer and Early Follower Survival Risks: A Contingency Analysis of Really New Versus Incrementally New Product-Markets&quot; (with S. Min and W. T. Robinson), Journal of Marketing (January 2006); &quot;A Bayesian Multivariate Poisson Regression Model of Cross-Category Store Brand Purchasing Behavior &quot; (with H. Wang and T. Akura), Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services (2007), and &quot;Survival Determinants for Online Retailers&quot; (with R. Nikolaeva, W. T. Robinson, and S. Sriram), Review of Marketing Science (forthcoming). Professor Kalwani has been the recipient of several prestigious teaching awards including the first R. B. and Mary Stewart Distinguished Teaching Award (1991-92), and the Salgo-Noren Teacher Award in 1989-90 and 1990-91. He has consistently published papers in leading professional management journals including Marketing Science, Management Science, Journal of Marketing, and Journal of Marketing Research. He has supervised over 35 doctoral dissertations including 15 as the dissertation committee chair. Students whose dissertations he has chaired hold faculty positions at leading business schools here in the U.S. and abroad such as the Harvard Business School, University of Michigan, University of Kansas, Brigham Young University, University of Georgia, SUNY Buffalo, Babson College, The University of Hong Kong, Inha University in Korea, and Sabanci University in Turkey. Before joining the Purdue faculty in 1980, Professor Kalwani served on the faculty of the Sloan School of Management at MIT. He has served as a consultant for Alcoa, Eastman Kodak, Coca-Cola, Continental Can, and Lever Brothers.</p> (765) 49-61172KRAN 535http://www.linkedin.com/in/ilovemktg/http://www.krannert.purdue.edu/academics/Marketing/phd/home.asp <p>Professor Li's research focuses on applying econometric techniques to analyze marketing problems. His current research interests include social and peer influence in marketing, mobile marketing, green marketing, sales management, B2B marketing, and the interface between marketing and operations. His research has been published on leading journal in marketing (<em>Marketing Science</em>), leading journal in management (<em>Management Science</em>), and leading journal in industrial organization (<em>International Journal of Industrial Organization</em>). Professor Li is the winner of the Marketing Science Institute (MSI) and Sales Excellence Institute (SEI) Competition to Promote Thought Leadership on the Sales Profession (2013) and John and Mary Willis Young Faculty Scholar Award (2014).</p> (765) 49-66221KRAN 411Ph.D. and M.S., Marketing, Cornell University, 2008M.A., Statistics, University of California, Berkeley, 2003Public Administration, Peking University, 2001B.S, Information Management, B.A., Economics, Peking University, 1998 <p>Professor Liu's teaching interests are in marketing management, digital &amp; social media marketing, and marketing model. His research interests include discrete choice models, empirical industrial organization, dynamic competition, social networks, pharmaceutical marketing, and digital&nbsp;marketing.</p> 403 West State StreetWest LafayetteIN47907-2056US (765)-494-4412(765) 49-44412KCTR B004GPh.D., Industrial Administration, Purdue UniversityM.A., Economics, University of California, Los AngelesB.S., Industrial Management, Purdue University <p>Professor Moriarty has been a member of the Krannert faculty since 1985. His main teaching interests are marketing management, marketing strategy, and multivariate statistics. His current research interests include quantitative and management judgment forecasting, and quantitative models of marketing decision variables. Professor Moriarty's major publications include &quot;Boundary Value Models for the Combination of Forecasts,&quot; <em>Journal of Marketing Research</em>, XXVII, pp. 402417 (November 1990); and &quot;Testing for Unreliable Estimators and Insignificant Forecasts in Combined Forecasts,&quot; <em>Journal of Forecasting</em>, Vol. 13, Iss. No. 7 (1994), pp. 611-624. Professor Moriarty has consulted with Elanco and Rolscreen Co. He is a member of the American Marketing Association and serves on the editorial board of the Journal of Marketing Research.</p> KRAN 426100 S. Grant StreetWest LafayetteIN47907-2076US (765)-494-4432(765) 49-44432RAWL 4029Ph.D., Business Administration, University of MichiganM.S., Economics, University of IllinoisB.S., Economics, University of IllinoisProfessor Robinson&rsquo;s current teaching interests include marketing management, marketing strategy, and new product development. His current research focuses on order of market entry and product innovation. His publication credits include &ldquo;Entry for Supermarket Feature Me-Too Brands: An Empirical Explanation of Incidence and Timing,&rdquo; with Ian Sinapuelas in Marketing Letters (2009), 20, 183-196; &ldquo;Survival Determinants for Online Retailers&rdquo;, with Ralitza Nikolaeva, Manohar Kalwani, and S. Sriram in Review of Marketing Science (2009), Article 1; &ldquo;Market Pioneer and Early Follower Survival Risks: A Contingency Analysis of Really New versus Incrementally New Products,&rdquo; with Sungwook Min and Manohar Kalwani in Journal of Marketing (2006), 15-33; &ldquo;Is the First to Market the First to Fail?: Empirical Evidence for Industrial Goods Businesses&rdquo; with Sungwook Min (2002), Journal of Marketing Research, 39, 120-128; &ldquo;Product Development Strategies for Established Market Pioneers, Early Followers, and Late Entrants&rdquo; with Jeongwen Chiang (2002), Strategic Management Journal, 23, 855-866. He has also published in several other journals including Journal of Consumer Research, Journal of Industrial Economics, Management Science, and Marketing Science. Professor Robinson&#39;s research has been cited in empirical generalizations in marketing, published by Marketing Science in 1995 and the Marketing Science Institute in 2009. Professor Robinson had previously been a member of the Krannert faculty from 1983-86. In 1986-89 he was an assistant and associate professor at the University of Rochester. From 1989-96 he was associate professor at the University of Michigan. Professor Robinson returned to Purdue&rsquo;s Krannert School of Management in 1996. He is on the editorial board of the <i>Strategic Management Journal</i> and the <i>Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science</i>.(765) 49-48499RAWL 4038Ph.D., Marketing, Univ. of Rochester, 2008M.S., Applied Economics, Univ. of Rochester, 2003M.S., Business Administration, Seoul National Univ., 2000B.S., Business Administration, Seoul National Univ., 1998
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