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KSAA Board Bylaws: Committees

Addendum II: Standing Committees, Special Committees, and Selection of Committee Chairs

Section 1:

The KSAA shall consist of committees that will directly address the needs of the school as determined by the KSAA President with input from the Director of Alumni Relations and approval of the Dean.  These committees are subject to change upon review and approval of the aforementioned parties. 

Section 2:

The KSAA President is responsible for selecting and appointing the committee chairs and members, filling vacancies, and making other special or liaison appointments. 

Section 3:

Each member of the Board will be expected to serve on at least one committee during her/his respective term as an active Board Member.

Section 4:

The frequency of committee meetings will depend on the workload and tasks to be accomplished.  Emphasis should be placed on phone, e-mail communications and teleconferences as deemed adequate by each respective committee.

Section 5:

Each committee shall provide reports and recommendations to the Board for consideration at all meetings of the Board or as requested by the Board.