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KSAA Board Bylaws: Leadership and Election

Article III: Board Leadership and Election 

Section 1:

The President of the KSAA shall preside at all meetings of the Board, shall have general supervision of the affairs of the KSAA, and  shall perform all other duties that are incident to the office of the President or which are properly required by the Board.

Section 2:

The Leadership Team of KSAA shall consist of the President and the Committee Chairs. During the end of the first year of the President's term a President Elect will be selected and included as a member of the Leadership Team for the purpose of development and transition prior to assuming the position of President. (Please see Addendum II. Standing Committees, Special Committees, and Selection of Committee Chairs)

Section 3:

In a manner consistent with the objectives of the Dean and Krannert, the KSAA President will develop the current term operating plan for the KSAA, create committees, appoint committee chairs, and approve the agenda for all Board Meetings.

Section 4:

A slate of KSAA President Elect candidates will be identified by the current KSAA President and Leadership Team, along with recommendations from the Board. The KSAA President Elect will be selected by the Dean, Director of Alumni Relations and the current KSAA President.  Appointment to office will be subject to approval of a majority vote of the Board at the spring meeting.

Section 5:

The KSAA President shall hold her/his position for a two year term.  The President Elect will assume her/his position as President Elect during the subsequent fall meeting following his/her approval.   Following one year as President Elect they will assume the position of KSAA President.