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KSAA Board Bylaws: Membership

Article I: Board Membership

Section 1:

The business and affairs of the KSAA shall be accomplished by a Board of 30 - 40 members.  This Board shall consist of a diverse representation of alumni from all degree programs, graduation years, and professional backgrounds as a means to accurately represent the population of the Krannert School.

Section 2: 

The KSAA Board Members shall be selected through a formal application process on a rotational basis so that no more than 25% of the members are selected to join the Board during a given year.  Candidates will be required to complete a formal application process whereby an established Membership Selection Committee will evaluate and nominate potential board members to the Dean, Director of Alumni Relations and KSAA President for approval.

Section 3:

The Krannert School of Management Director of Alumni Relations will co-chair the KSAA Membership Selection Committee along with a board member appointed by the KSAA President.

Section 4:

The current student KGSA and SMC Presidents will hold a position on the KSAA Board as non-voting members.  Upon graduation, these students will have an automatic one-year appointed term on the Board.  Upon completion of this one-year appointment, these individuals may formally apply for a full-term KSAA Board appointment.

Section 5:

KSAA Board appointment shall consist of a three-year term with possible two term extension dependent on successful service and contribution to the mission of the KSAA.  Former board members are encouraged to remain active in support of the mission of the Krannert School of Management.

Section 6:

The KSAA Board shall hold two meetings per year – one in the fall and one in the spring at the Krannert School of Management in West Lafayette, IN.