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The BIAC plans to generate varied activities and deliverables, including the following:

Student data dives: Will be held in partnership with selected companies, which will provide data and other necessary support. Walmart Corporation is the partner for 2016.

Student case competitions: May be held in partnership with other universities.

Student workshops: Invited students from Purdue and other universities, working on data analytics and related methodological advancements, will present their work and interact with one another.

Conferences: Will include presentations and panels by Purdue faculty, faculty from other universities and corporate personnel in the general data analytics sphere or on specific topics of current interest.

Company-specific problem solving: Companies facing specific problems will be able to tap into faculty research and involve qualified students on a contractual basis.

Webinars: Will be developed by Purdue faculty and other domain experts on various data analytics topics.

Reverse webinars: Companies will be able to turn to the center to develop webinars on their new technologies or software and receive feedback from faculty, students and other relevant parties.

Certificates of expertise: Students working on center projects and company employees involved in these projects will have an opportunity to earn certificates of expertise once they gain certain competencies. They may also be eligible for external recognitions such as SAS certificates.

Grants and scholarships/assistantships: Seed grants to faculty and scholarships and/or assistantships to students will be awarded for working on important data-analytics-oriented research projects.