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Print Resources: Reference 
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Online databases and CD-ROMs
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Print Resources: Reference

    1. Barbuto, Domenica. (1995). The international financial statistics locator: a research and information guide. New York: Garland. Call number: 016.332 B234i 1995 Sublocation: Reference Desk
    2. Directory of United States exporters. United States importers & exporters directory. (1990). New York, N.Y: Journal of Commerce, Inc. Call number: 382.6029473 D6282e Sublocation: Reference Directory Table
    3. Industrial commodity statistics yearbook = Annuaire de statistiques industrielles par produit. (1998)(32nd ed.). New York: United Nations, Dept. for Economic and Social Information and Policy Analysis, Statistical Division. Call number: 341.6305 Un24g 1998 Sublocation: Reference
    4. International directory of company histories. (1999.)(Vols. 1-27). Chicago: St. James Press. Call number: 338.709 In84 Sublocation: Reference
    5. International marketing data and statistics. (1998). London: Euromonitor. Publications Ltd. Call number: 382.021 In85 Sublocation: Reference directory table
    6. International trade statistics yearbook. (1998)(Vols. 1-2). New York: United Nations. Call number: 341.6305 Ye 32 1998 Sublocation: Reference
    7. Kurian, George Thomas. (1997). Global data locator. Lanham, MD: Bernan Press. Call number: 016.31 K965g 1997 Sublocation: Reference Desk
    8. Mahony, Stephen. (1997). The Financial Times A-Z of international finance: the essential guide to tools, terms & techniques. London: Washington, DC: FT Pitman. Call number: 332.042 M2795f 1997 Sublocation: Reference Desk
    9. Morrison, Terri. (2001). Dun & Bradstreet's guide to doing business around the world. Paramus, NJ: Prentice Hall. Call number: 658.848 M834d 2001 Sublocation: Reference Desk
    10. Twells, Harry and Bishop, Peter (Eds.). (1998). The Export handbook 1998: a complete guide and reference source for international traders. London: Kogan Page in association with the British Chambers of Commerce. Call number: 382.610941 Ex75 1998 Sublocation: Reference
    11. World stock exchange fact book. (1995). Morris Plains, NJ: Electronic Commerce, Inc. Call number: 332.64205 W8934 Sublocation: Reference Desk

Print Resources: Circulating

    1. Cook, Thomas A. (2001). The ultimate guide to export management. New York: AMACOM. Call number: 658.848 C773u 2001 Sublocation: 3rd Floor
    2. Kotabe, Masaaki. (1998). Global marketing management. New York: John Wiley. Call Number: 658.848 K848g 1998 Sublocation: 3rd floor
    3. Nelson, Carl A. (1999). Exporting: a manager's guide to the world market. London; New York: International Thomson Business. Call number: 658.848 N331e 1999 Sublocation: 3rd floor
    4. Sletten, Eric. (1994). How to succeed in exporting and doing business internationally. New York: Wiley.
    5. U.S. Department of Commerce, International Trade Administration. A basic guide to exporting. (1998). Washington D.C.: U.S. Dept. of Commerce, International Trade Administration. Call Number: C 61.8:EX 7/3/998 Sublocation: Reference Government Pubs
    6. U.S. Department of Commerce, International Trade Commission, Office of Trade and Economic Analysis. (1999). Metropolitan area exports: an export performance report on over 250 U.S. cities 1993-1998. Washington D.C.: U.S. Dept. of Commerce, International Trade Commission, Office of Trade and Economic Analysis. Call Number: C 61.2:M 56/4/999 Sublocation: Reference Government Pubs
    7. U.S. Trade Information Center. (1999). 2000 export programs guide: a business guide to federal export assistance. Washington D.C.: U.S. Trade Information Center. Call Number: C 61.8:EX 7/8/2000 Sublocation: 3rd floor
    8. U.S. Trade Information Center. (1996). Export programs: a business guide to federal export assistance programs. Washington, D.C.: U.S. Trade Information Center. Call Number: C 61.8:EX 7/8 Sublocation: 3rd floor
    9. Wells, L. Fargo. (1996). Exporting: from start to finance. New York: McGraw-Hill.
    10. Zuckerman, Amy. (1998). Exporting and importing: negotiating global markets. New York: AMACOM. Call Number: 382.0973 Zu83i 1998 Sublocation: 3rd floor Doing Business in.Series
    11. Ernst & Young. (1991). Ernst & Young's international business series. New York: Ernst & Young. Call numbers: varied Sublocation: Reference and 3rd floor
    12. Price, Waterhouse & Co. (1979). Information guide. New York: Price, Waterhouse. Call numbers: varied Sublocation: Reference and 3rd floor Country Business Encyclopedia series
    13. World Trade Press. (1997). World Trade Press country business guide series. San Rafael, Ca.: World Trade Press. Call numbers: varied Sublocation: Reference and 3rd floor

Online databases and CD-ROMs

q =available within Krannert MEL only
n =available from Krannert building and Purdue library locations
f=available from any computer if Purdue student

    1. q - Datastream DS Windows. [Online]. Available: http://www.lib.purdue.edu/mel; alphabetically listed under "Go" menu. Only accessible from in Management and Economics Library computer stations. An extremely broad and deep database of international financial information. Equities (stocks), indices, interest rates, futures and options are just some of what is available in this resource.
    2. f - Dow Jones Interactive. [Online]. (2000). Available: http://www.lib.purdue.edu/mel; alphabetically listed under "Go" menu. Business news and articles current company and stock information, and the Wall Street Journal full-text. Large selection of international newspapers and business publications.
    3. f - Gale Business Resources. [Online]. (2001). Available:http://www.lib.purdue.edu/mel, alphabetically listed under "Go" menu. Useful for looking up directory type information on international companies.
    4. q - International Financial Statistics/International Monetary Fund. [Online.] (2001). Available: http://www.lib.purdue.edu/mel; alphabetically listed under "Go" menu; only accessible from in Management and Economics Library computer stations. Data gathered by the IMF on exchange rates, money and banking, interest rates, prices, production, international transactions, government finance, and national accounts for most countries.
    5. f - Lexis-Nexis Academic Universe. [Online]. (1998). Available:http://www.lib.purdue.edu/mel; alphabetically listed under "Go" menu. Academic Universe, LEXIS-NEXIS, is a full text database containing primarily legal, business, and newspaper sources. Search for news items on over 25 different industry areas.
    6. n - Stat-USA. [Online]. (1994). Available: http://www.lib.purdue.edu/melalphabetically listed under "Go" menu; accessible from all library locations and Krannert building. U.S. Department of Commerce product. STAT-USA is a primary point for access to government business-related statistics of all kinds including the National Trade Data Bank (NTDB).
    7. f - Statistical Universe. [Online]. Available: http://www.lib.purdue.edu/mel; alphabetically listed under "Go" menu or from Lexis-Nexis. Originally produced by the Congressional Information Service; now a part of the Lexis-Nexis product. Statistical Universe is more that just the American Statistics Index (ASI), the Statistical Reference Index (SRI) and the Index to International Statistics(IIS) on the Web. Statistical Universe provides full bibliographic control of statistical data produced by the U.S. government, important international intergovernmental organizations, knowledgeable professional and trade organizations, business organizations, commercial publishers, independent research organizations, state government agencies and universities.
    8. f - Tablebase. [Online]. (2001). Available: http://www.lib.purdue.edu/melalphabetically listed under "Go" menu; limited seats An international database that specializes exclusively in tabular data dealing with companies, industries, products and demographics including market share data.
    9. q - U.N. Statistical Yearbook, 44th ed. [CD-ROM]. (1993). Available: from workstation 5 in the Management and Economics library. An electronic version of the U.N. Statistical Yearbook, international stats compiled yearly by the U.N. Topics include agriculture, education, finance, manufacturing, social statistics, and trade.
    10. q - U.S. Exports of Merchandise. [CD-ROM]. (1996). Available: from workstation 2 in the Management and Economics library. Statistics of U.S. government and non-government export shipments to foreign countries of domestic and foreign merchandise.
    11. q - U.S. Exports History. [CD-ROM]. (1994). Available: CD-Rom from workstation 2 in the Management and Economics library. Annual U.S. export statistics (quantity and value) of both government and non-government shipments and foreign merchandise from U.S. and territories.
    12. f - World Development Indicators. [Online]. (1997). Available:http://www.lib.purdue.edu/mel; alphabetically listed under "Go" menu. Global economic information published by the World Bank.

Other Web Resources

  1. Federation of International Trade Organizations 
    An international trade portal for B2B leads, news, events and other resources.
  2. Guide to International Trade Law on the Internet 
    A comprehensive meta-site for international trade law information.
  3. Hieros Gamos: Doing Business In. Legal Guides 
    34 country guides covering legal and business issues. Links to other resources are also provided.
  4. International Monetary Fund
    Economic conditions, country reports, and monetary news and documents are available from the IMF.
  5. International Trade Administration
    Division of the US Department of Commerce; information on exporting, tariffs, market research (country and industry), NAFTA, and international trade assistance is available.
  6. International Trade Center 
    United Nations center for technical cooperation with developing countries in trade promotion.
  7. International Trade Commission
    Extensive tariff database, several trade data reports, and access to the Trade DataWeb make this a very useful site.
  8. International Trade Statistics: US Census Bureau 
    This browse-able database provides access to commodity and country by commodity statistics.
  9. Kompass
    International business-to-business company directory.
  10. PIERS: Port Import/Export Reporting Service. 
    Comprehensive statistics on global cargo movements transiting seaports in the U.S. and Latin America.
  11. World Chambers Network 
    Worldwide chambers of commerce and related resources.
  12. World Trade Organization 
    Contains news, documentation, and international trade statistics.

Web Resources and bibliography abstracts written by Hal Kirkwood, Assistant Librarian, Management and Economics Library *Compiled by Jen Venable, Assistant Librarian, Management and Economics Library 10/26/01.