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Purdue CIBER is pleased to be able to host the biennial Doctoral Consortium Meeting in the field of International Operations Management. The consortium is sponsored by the Centers for International Business and Educational Research (CIBERs) of Purdue University, Duke University, Temple University, University of California at Los Angeles, University of Michigan, University of Pennsylvania, University of Texas at Austin, and University of Washington.

Led by faculty members of the sponsoring CIBERs, this consortium is chaired by Professor Ananth Iyer of Purdue University. All doctoral students are invited to apply, especially those in the formative stages of their research agenda. The event focuses on international issues related to the field of Operations Management with the expectation that such issues eventually will be incorporated in the teaching and research portfolios of participants.

The format is a combination of presentations and discussions of case studies. Purdue CIBER covers lodging and food expenses of participating students. While all doctoral students are encouraged to apply, priority is given to Ph.D. students early in their careers. Up to approximately 25 students from major universities are typically selected to participate.

September 2011 IOM Workshop