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Global Business Languages Journal

Global Business Languages Journal

The Global Business Languages Journal (GBL) is published annually by Purdue CIBER and edited by CIBER Associate Director Professor Allen Wood of the Purdue School of Languages and Cultures.   Most articles are pedagogical and concern current practices in global business languages and cultures. Starting in 2010, articles are available electronically and searchable through the Digital Commons platform of Purdue University Press. To view current and previous GBL volumes online please click here.

For printed subscription requests please contact Professor Allen G. Wood (wooda@purdue.edu) , Department of Foreign Languages and Literature, 640 Oval Drive, West Lafayette, IN 47907-2039. Make checks payable to Purdue University.


Recent Updates

Feb 20, 2013
by Maida Watson - Feb 20, 2013
Annie R. Abbott. Comunidades: Más allá del aula. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall, 2009. 157 pp.
by Nina M. Ray - Feb 20, 2013
This article explores the role that language plays in the legacy tourism business, an increasingly important sub-segment of the ...
by Elizabeth Martin - Feb 20, 2013
It is widely recognized that authentic materials such as advertisements are beneficial to language learners. In addition to ...