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Beginning summer 2011, the CIBER Working Paper Series will be hosted by “Purdue University e-Pubs.” This enables visitors for the first time to search all articles for specific keywords of interest as well as permits us to track the usage frequency of each article and receive detailed reports. Purdue e-Pubs can even send the authors regular monthly e-mail reports of the download counts, if desired. Because each article will have a unique URL, hosting the working papers in Purdue e-Pubs also means they will get picked up quickly by search services such as Google Scholar.

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Recent Updates

by David J. Denis et al. - Aug 30, 2013
The use of equity incentives is significantly greater in countries with stronger insider trading restrictions, and these higher ...
by Stefan Lutz et al. - Oct 27, 2011
The effect of labour costs on industry profits, employment and labour income is at the heart of the current European debate on ...
by Huseyin Gulen et al. - Oct 27, 2011
We examine stock market volatility before and after the introduction of equity index futures trading in twenty-five countries ...