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Purdue University offers a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Management (B.S.I.M.) and a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Management with a major in ManagementAccounting or Economics. All of the above programs include instruction in the international aspects of business and economics.

International Business:

Candidates for a Bachelor of Science degree in Management majoring in either Accounting or Management may choose a concentration in International Business. In today's global economy, domestic companies face competition not only from foreign firms but also from domestic multinational firms. The International Business Concentration gives future managers the knowledge to understand how different countries' economic policies affect profits and operations of industry. International economics applies the fundamental tools of economic analysis to international trade and investment between nations. Sample areas of study include:

      • competitive advantages from trading
      • factors that influence who sells what to whom
      • economic consequences of government policies such as subsidies and limits on imports
      • causes and impacts of trade surpluses and deficits
      • exchange rate determination
      • international capital markets
      • international policy coordination to enhance trade between nations

The International Business Concentration provides an excellent background for general managerial positions, especially within multinational corporations. Degree recipients will gain competitive advantage in the workplace by being able to understand and apply graphical analyses and mathematical modeling for forecasting and problem solving. A cross section of public and private sector positions in which the International Concentration is useful includes:

      • banks, insurance companies, stock brokerage and real estate firms
      • wholesale and retail sales operations
      • manufacturing and service corporations
      • state and local government agencies
      • research agencies
      • high school teaching
      • politics, law and social service

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