Service Learning Course Inventory

School of Health Sciences

HSCI 446 Applied Industrial Hygiene                                                                                    cr. 3

Course Instructor: Neil Zimmerman

Prerequisite: HSCI 345 & 346; restricted to higher level industrial hygiene majors or instructor consent

Service is: Required.

Next taught in: Fall Semester, 2000                                                           Approximate # of students: 21

Course Description:

This course allows the student to synthesize his or her basic industrial hygiene fundamentals to understand how they apply in the real world. Issues faced by industrial hygienists will be addressed by a variety of guest speakers. Class projects add to the diversity of this senior capstone course.

How Service is integrated into this course:

Student teams of two obtain permission for, and perform a safety and health survey of a local business. They also work up a safety or health program for an identified need in their company. A written and oral report of both the survey and the program are presented to the class and client.

Organizations: Local businesses




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