Service Learning Course Inventory

School of Management

MGMT 190S  Introduction to Service Learning                                                                       cr. 3

Course Instructor: John Pomery

Prerequisite: only students in the Leadership and Service Learning Scholars Learning Community

Service is: Required.

Next taught in: Fall Semester, 2000                                                       Approximate # of students: 10-20

Course Description:

The course introduces students to LSLSL community to service learning. The core concepts underlying service learning will be introduced during the semester. Community members from a variety of areas will visit and discuss the needs of their respective agency and the community. The reading assignments about selected issues will provide context to service learning.

How Service is integrated into this course:

Students will be complete 24 hours of service from one of the five respective community agencies.  Through journaling, discussion, and various means of reflection, students will learn about themselves, a variety of populations and the benefits of service learning.


Lafayette Urban Ministry  

Hanna Center

  Lafayette Area Reading Academy  

Community Family Resource Center

  Area IV Council on Aging



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