Service Learning Course Inventory

School of Nursing

NUR 305 Psychosocial Nursing-Clinic                                                                                      cr. 2

Course Instructor: Eileen R. Rossen

Corequisite: NUR 304. For nursing majors only.

Service is: Required

Next taught in: Fall 2002                                                                            Approximate # of students: 60

Course Description:

Application of biopsychosocial concepts and methods to promote optimal levels of wellness for individuals, families, and at risk groups.

How Service is integrated into this course:

Students work with health care providers in facilities that serve the chronically mentally ill. 


Elmwood House

Gregory House

Lafayette Urban Ministry Homeless Shelter

Mental Health Association in Tippecanoe County

Tippecanoe Villa LEAP Program

Trinity Mission



NUR 417 Integrated Nursing Care Over the Life and Health Continuum                                                         cr. 6

Course Instructor: Clara Richardson, Carolyn Blue, Colleen DeTurk, Sharon Posey, Jane Overbay, Ruth Wukasch, Mary Helen Zink 

Prerequisite: All junior level courses. For nursing majors only.

Service is: Required

Next taught in: Fall 2002                                                                  Approximate # of students: 56

Course Description:

Students explore the multiple roles of nursing in providing care to clients across the lifespan, at various points on the wellness-illness continuum, and in diverse settings.

How Service is integrated into this course:

Students participate in a number of health screenings and programs throughout the community, including: immunization programs, developmental screenings, school health screenings, wellness screenings, for children and adults. In addition, they provide visiting nurse services and plan health education programs for community groups.


Friendship House                                                            Good Shepherd Learning Center

Head Start/ Early Head Start School                                Sonshine Preschool

Home Health Care Agency                                              First Assembly of God School

Lafayette School Corporation                                          Pleasantview Christian School

Nursing Center for Family Health                                     Faith Christian School

Purdue Child Care Program                                             St. James Lutheran School

School of Nursing, Purdue University                                Lafayette Christian School

Tippecanoe County Health Department                             Kid's Connection

Tippecanoe School Corporation

Wabash Center



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