Service Learning Course Inventory


School of Technology

Department of Mechanical Engineering Technology

MET 317 Machine Diagnostics                                                                                     cr. 3

Course Instructor: Nancy L. Denton

Prerequisite: MA 222, MET 212 or 213, and PHYS 219

Service is: Optional

Next taught in: Spring Semester, 2002

Approximate # of students: 24                                     Number of students performing Service: 16

Course Description:

A broad spectrum of equipment behavior is introduced through the study of four major operating parameters: vibration, noise, temperature, and lubrication. Emphasis is placed on measurement and analysis of data using diagnostic instrumentation and techniques found in modern process and manufacturing plants.

How Service is integrated into this course:

A semester project extending course topics beyond course meeting time constraints is required for all students. They are encouraged to offer their ‘consulting’ services to local companies to test and diagnose known /existing equipment problems, provide baseline vibration and noise measurements for companies considering setting up machine condition monitoring, etc. Whenever feasible, recommended maintenance actions are specified as part of the project report to the company or agency. Reflection on the project is a required element in all reports.

Organizations Spring Semester 2001:

Caterpillar, Purdue MET Department, and Spaulding Products



Department of Organizational Leadership & Supervision

OLS 467/OLS 567 Supervised Practicum                                                                         cr. 3

Course Instructor: Kate Laskowitz

Service is: Required.

Next taught in: Fall, 2000 (every semester)                                                 Approximate # of students: 20

Course Description:

A study of the theory and application methods for handling interpersonal disputes by means generally outside the traditional court system. Students will investigate the theoretical and practical aspects of conflict assessment, negotiation, problem solving, and mediation.

How Service is integrated into this course:

Students have worked with Mediation Services designing and implementing a high-school peer mediation program. Other projects include: helping to design and implement a landlord-tenant mediation program, working with attorneys in assisting low income citizens with legal problems and helping them to access the legal system.  Reflection is accomplished through journaling and occasionally group discussion..


Mediation Services of Tippecanoe County, Inc. Legal Aid Legal Services Community Family Resource Center.



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