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TVS - 2014 Projects

Project: Improving supplier schedules for improving resource utilization at TVS Motor Co. and its suppliers

Student: Isra Gadri

Project Objective: To improve the component wise schedule to the suppliers to avoid high fluctuation affecting utilization of resources.


Project: Non-Consideration study on mopeds and recommendations for growth

Student: Patrick Haslanger & Lukas Brenner

Project Objective: To understand root causes for moped category performance & to arrive at solutions/ recommendations for enhancing performance on a sustainable basis.


Project: Business analytics with dealership service data-insights into product quality

Student: Venkata Mujje & Yunyang Liu

Project Objective: To analyze complaint information & predict the trend and be more proactive in correcting any complaints or failure before it becomes a major issue.


Project: Define a predictable retail model at the area level

Student: Zachari Tahiru & Tiffany Wendler

Project Objective: To enable area managers to better predict & deliver their monthly retail volumes.


Project: Identifying possible disruptions and innovations in the market, and define a futuristic portfolio for the 3W business.

Student: Daisuke Yano & Peter Jacobson

Project Objective: To define at least 3 options of ladders to the sky for the 3W product portfolio for the next 5-10 years.


Project: Measure the employee productivity for existing task force states

Student: Monique Kenney

Background: To measure employee productivity for task force state.