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2013 Case Competition - UG Participants





Grad. Date


OSCO 1 Luojing Liu Majors: Acct, Mgmt; Minors: Finance, Ops May 2013 View
View Slides Huan Zhi Accounting and Management/ MIS and Analytical Consulting May 2015 View
Jazna Stannard PR and Rhetorical Advocacy/ Ops and Supply Chain, International Business, Entrepreneurship May 2015 View
Jess Miller Accounting, Management, and Psychology May 2014 View
DSP Geoff Pole Economics/Philosophy Dec 2013 View
View Slides Amandeep Ghuman Business Management/ International Business Dec 2013
Gabriela Suarez Concentration: Finance and Analytical Consulting Dec 2013 View
SASE 1 Sitaram Natekar Materials Science Engineering May 2014 View
View Slides Oranee Sosongsermkul Industrial Engineering May 2015 View
Sungmin J. Shin Manufacturing & Ops Research May 2014 View
Alex Chen Physics May 2013 View
SASE_2 Kok Keong Khoo Mechanical Engineering/ Manufacturing May 2013 View
View Slides Chastapon Wannakomonwat Industrial Engineering Dec 2013 View
Martin Lopez Industrial Engineering May 2014 View
Xiaoshen Wang Mechanical Engineering May 2015 View
SASE_3 Boon Keat Khoo Chemical Enigneering Dec 2013 View
View Slides Sui Zhang Major:Econ; Minor:Mathematics; Concentration: Mathematics, Statistics May 2014 View
Minghao Li Industrial Engineering and Business Mathematics May 2014 View
Anqi Shang Accounting and Management/ Finance Dec 2014 View
Group 6 Yu-Yu Lin Management/Finance May 2015 View
Ryan Yoon Bae Kim Management/Finance May 2014
Victoria Yoo Sun Lee Accounting May 2014
Anbo Wang Agribusiness/Eco May 2014 View
Ambassadors Eric Beardmore Industrial Management May 2014 View
View Slides Anne Marie Sullivan Management/Ops and Supply Chain May 2015 View
Brendan Bonner Management, Finance, International Business May 2013 View
Kevin Leung Management and Accounting/Finance and Economics May 2015 View
OSCO 2 Nicholas Bafunno Industrial Management/Ops and Supply Chain May 2014 View
View Slides Chase Hughes Management (3+2 Program) May 2016 View
Stuart Hester Accounting and Management May 2014 View
Jordan Eddy Management/ Finance and International Business May 2015 View
Group 9 Della Mihardja Industrial Management/ Manufacturing and MIS Dec 2013 View
View Slides Xiang Li Economics May 2014 View
Xiaoyang (Chelsea) Chen Industrial Management/ Manufacturing Management Dec 2013 View
Minqian Guo Economics/Finance Dec 2013 View
Group 10 Alex Johnson Industrial Engineering May 2014 View
View Slides Olivia Fahnestock Industrial Engineering May 2014 View
Shuangzhu (Grace) Dong Industrial Engineering/ Management May 2014 View
Jason Miller Industrial Engineering/ Mechanical Engineering and Spanish May 2015 View
Group 11 Robert Clark Agricultural Economics Aug 2013 View
View Slides Wenjun Zhang Industrial Engineering/ Math and Statistics Dec 2013 View
Ziang Chen Pharmaceutical Science/ Entrepreneurship May 2013 View
Micheal Joseph Biomedical Engineering May 2013 View
Group 12 Yiran Ding Management/ Quantitative Methods May 2014 View
View Slides Jinli Liu Management May 2014 View
Prateek Jalan Industrial Management/ Ops and Supply Chain May 2013