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Global Business Projects

Benefits and Costs

Client Benefits

Gain high-quality, actionable recommendations to a current business challenge professionally presented to your executive team.  Our teams are well rounded and well trained.  In fact, consulting is one of the top professions where our MBA's are permanently placed.

Working with Purdue Masters students gives companies access to Purdue resources.  In addition to access to subject matter faculty experts, firms gain access to over $5 million dollars worth of datasets, industry reports, and muti-client studies. 

Companies gain access to a talented pool of globally savvy highly motivated MBAs for internships and permanent positions.  The best way to assess candidates is through thier actual work product in your specific domain.  These projects are not only valuable for assessing multiple candidates, but they can also serve as a training ground.

Client Responsibilities and Costs

Identify an unsolved topic that merits a fresh perspective requiring quantitative and qualitative analysis with measurable results

Select an executive owner within the company who will work with the team throughout through scoping to the end of May. Clients can expect to spend 2 to 3 hours a week from February to April and 10-12 hours per week for the two weeks team is on site in May

Commit to a project fee of $15,000 USD to cover team training and faculty advisor time.  Clients are also responsible for in-country expenses of the team.  This includes accomodations, meals and project related travel.  Students pay thier own travel to the host country.

Commit to cover international airfare and in-country expenses for the faculty advisor for 5-7 days during the students in-country immersion.