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Global Business Projects

What makes a good Project?

  1. Unsolved topic – not just another opinion on an already decided course of action
  2. Measurable outcomes/results – such as profitability impact, revenue growth, cost reduction, customer satisfaction growth, market share growth, other quantitative metrics
  3. Lends itself to quantitative and qualitative data-driven analysis from data secondary and primary research (analytics is a strength of Purdue)
  4. Has a natural executive owner committed to the project who will commit 2 to 3 hours per week and 10-12 hours per week while students are in host country
  5. Appropriate for graduate student level of analysis without intimate knowledge of the industry.  We will try to match project with experience or strength of the team members.
  6. Project fits the timeline of late January to May with travel and presentation in the host country during May.  That is 5 MBA’s during the semester and 40+ each while in country; roughly equivalent to 1000 project hours


*Projects can be structured for students to travel to the host country for data collection March 12-20 and present their results virtually in late April.