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Global Business Projects

Course Description

Global Business Projects is an opportunity for students to gain experience in international business as well as consulting.  Students are formed into teams of 5 for each project.  The nature of the project may vary considerably from semester to semester as will the company with which you will be working.  You can explore some of the past projects and sponsors here.  The location of the project may vary however, consideration is given to finding projects in BRIC (Brazil, India, and China) countries due to the opportunity they represent for most growth firms.  Your team may be working with someone in the US or the host country as a project champion.  These champions are your primary contact for the duration of the project and will provide domain specific information.  

You will be working remotely for the majority of the project through WebEx, Adobe Connect (supported by Purdue), e-mail or other remote session until the last stage of the work.  At the end of the regular semester is it expected that you will spend 10-14 days in the host country to finalize and validate your research.  Once validated, you will be presenting to your companies executive teams.  Recommendations must be actionable and measurable.  Remember, this is your opportunity to show your client, a potential future employer, what you can bring to their organization.

The course is listed as MGMT 690Q and is a three credit hour class.   The number of credits corresponds to each team member spending 7-9 hours per week on the project and working full time during your in-country immersion experience.  Besides the normal registration fees, students are required to pay travel to and from the host country.  The company for which you will be consulting will be coving your in-country expenses such as lodging, food, and in country travel where necessary.  MGMT 690Q is part of the Experiential Learning Initiative at Krannert School of Management.

While the company will provide industry information, you will have a deep resource pool from which to draw to develop hypothesis as well as final recommendations.  Purdue University spends millions each year on secondary data, industry reports, and even more on experts data search and qualitative and quantitative analysis.  You will also have a faculty mentor and access to other Purdue faculty as subject matter experts.  From this respect, you have a deeper resource pool than any consulting firm and will have a great opportunity to succeed and show by Krannert is known for developing analytical, global business leaders.