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About LCS

Welcome to Krannert's Leadership Communication Studio (LCS)

People and a Place  

In collaboration with stakeholders, our mission is to equip students with the tools for successful academic and professional development, through unique signature learning opportunities, outside of the classroom.


The LCS goal is to help students become more confident when communicating to groups of 1 or 1000. This confidence will help students create opportunities for themselves and guide the group collectively towards holistic success.

LCS, A Video Studio

Click here to reserve the LCS, appointments are required. The LCS is a space for Krannert Undergraduates and is only open Monday through Friday between 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. when Purdue classes are in session. While using the LCS, student/faculty identification cards are scanned on the card reader to access the room. The LCS is one of the Purdue Video Express sites on the Purdue campus that allows students, faculty and staff to record high-quality videos. A location map of the available sites is visual after a Purdue user logs onto the Video Express page.

Educational Programs

Click here to view news and events which includes descriptions and a calendar of our program offerings. The LCS works in conjunction with the Boiler Business Competition Club (BBC), corporate partners, faculty, staff, alumni and other academic units. Our team collaborates to promote or execute: case competitions and challenges, consulting workshops, research opportunities, digital profiles, and other signature learning opportunities.

Case Competitions fall



Leadership Communication Studio (LCS)
Room 230B (located on the west side of the Parrish Library)
Krannert Building, 403 West State St.
West Lafayette, IN 47907
Appointments required

The LCS is Brought to You By: 


Melissa Evens, MS 
Communication, Purdue University

Senior Graduate Consultants

Christine Rasquinha
Desiree Shannon
Kristina Hollars

Junior Undergraduate Consultants

Joshua Groh - Entrepreneurial Director of Digital Profiles

Matt Xia - Director of Marketing

Jessica Miller - Director of Digital Communication

Shannon Kane - Inventor of Challenges

Kara Miller - Brand Director

Mallika Sathe - Director of Special Projects

Email our team at