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Boiler Business Competitions Club

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We are Boiler Business Competitions.

Boiler Business Competitions (BBC) is a student-led organization that organizes and prepares ambitious students to compete in business case competitions. Case competitions provide students with an opportunity to improve and utilize analysis and presentations skills.  Students are required to analyze a business case in sometimes brief time frames ranging from hours to weeks, so mastering business frameworks for rapid use is crucial.  Teams of three to four students then present their solutions to a group of judges representing industry-leading corporations, opening numerous doors to new opportunities for those involved. 

Case competitions present opportunities for students to showcase abilities to work with teams, present information, and generate insightful solutions. Students can explore careers in consulting while preparing themselves for successful careers.  The BBC leadership team is dedicated to providing resources and support for students interested in participating in case competitions and case challenges. BBC is currently partnering with Purdue University Consulting (PUCC), the Leadership Communication Studio (LCS), Purdue Student Consulting (PSC), the Dean's Office, faculty, academic centers and other student clubs.

Our History

In 2014, Marcus Glick and Mriga Agarwal shared a common vision of providing students with the tools necessary to prepare for a successful consulting career.  By founding Boiler Business Competitions, these innovators ensured that future groups of students would have the opportunity to follow in their footsteps.  Today, Marcus works for consulting firm Thomson Reuters while Mriga consults for Deloitte.   We thank the alumnus and the numerous corporate partners who continue to support students in the case community.  BBC’s previous president, Christine Rasquinha, has dedicated tremendous effort to moving BBC into a new chapter of growth, incorporating more students with more effective tools than ever before. With current president Matt Xia taking over the reins, Christine now serves as president of the Purdue Consulting Club, a graduate consulting organization which now relies on her consulting expertise as a budding 3+2 student.  Dedication from both clubs is ensuring that collaboration continues.

Learn More

Click here to view the Leadership Communication Studio (LCS) news and events page to see the calendar of events.

Our Leadership

Please contact us if you would like to engage with the BBC.  Our executive leadership team directory with contact information is listed below.

Our Board

Matt Xia bw

PeiKai (Matt) Xia


Senior Management, Marketing
Joshua Groh

Joshua Groh

Vice President of Operations

Sophomore Industrial Management (Engineering), Finance, Pre-Law

Riley Owens bw

Riley Owens

Vice President of Finance

Senior Finance, Economics
Austin Coon bw

Austin Coon

Vice President of Professional Development

Junior Economics, Strategy and Organizational Management

Divyam Shah bw

Divyam Shah

Vice President of Marketing

Sophomore Economics, Supply Chain Management
Jay Petrie bw

Jay Petrie

Outreach Chair

Senior Economics, Pre-Medical

Sairam Venkat bw

Sairam Venkat

Director of Operations

Sophomore Finance, Management
Rodrigo Santamaria bw

Rodrigo Santamaria

Director of Finance

Junior Economics, Operations Management

Nicole Xu bw

WenJia (Nicole) Xu

Director of Professional Development

Sophomore Finance, Computer Information Technology

Shubhika Barjatya

Shubhika Barjatya

Director of Communications

Sophomore Supply Chain, Computer Science
Melissa Evens

Melissa Evens

Collaborator and Coach

Director of Leadership Communication Studio