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CSBS Community Bank Case Study Competition

Special thanks to the 'Security Federal Savings Bank' for being our partner on this project.

Short Description:   

The CSBS Community Bank Case Study Competition is a national undergraduate research competition that connects students with policymakers, academics, and industry stakeholders. With the guidance of a faculty advisor, students will study how local banks leverage technology to meet community needs and streamline internal processes. 

Important Dates:  

November 20, 2017
    Deadline for interested faculty to apply by submitting a Statement of Interest
November 21, 2017:
    Registration for students opens 
    Begin Preliminary research for research question
Mid-End January:
    Registration for Undergraduate Research & Poster Symposium opens 
    Design research study and begin conducting research 
February 5, 2018:
    Deadline to submit community bank partnerships and full student team rosters 
Mid-End February:
    Attend LCS Research Workshop
March 19, 2018:
    Meet with Advisor or Project Coach for regular check-in
April 1, 2018:
    Print research poster in preparation for competitions
April 9, 2018:
    Deadline to submit complete community banks case studies; submissions due by 12:00 p.m.
April 9-13, 2018:
    Undergraduate Research & Poster Symposium
May 10, 2018:
    CSBS Finalists will be announced 

2018 CSBS Team:

Qi (Monika) Meng

Major: Finance and Computer Science
Hometown: Beijing, China
Year: Junior
Why this project? “This research project is a perfect opportunity for me to fully utilize the knowledge I have in both finance and computer science. I am very excited to learn about the technologies that smaller community banks have adopted to cater to customers' needs and provide relevant services in a timely fashion, that ultimately enable them to gain competitive advantages, retain old customers and attract new customers.”

Tiffany Zheng

Major: Finance and Accounting
Hometown: Saratoga, CA
Year: Sophomore
“This case study has given me a fantastic opportunity to explore and further research the current nature and changing trends of financial services in a tangible, community-relevant setting.”

Isaac Tang

Major: Finance
Hometown: Hong Kong
Year: Senior
“I am excited to work on this project as this project enables me to work together with some of the brightest students in Krannert from whom I can learn a lot from. I am also excited because this case offers me an opportunity to network with local banking professionals.”

Ruoxuan Zhao

Major: Accounting and Finance
Year: Senior
Hometown: Beijing, China
“Community bank is a field that I have never worked on before, so I am really excited to find out more about this field through the case study.”

Megan Hawkins

Major: Finance and Management
Year: Senior
Hometown: West Lafayette, IN
“I am excited to work on this case study relating to technology in banking because it has an impact and relevance that spans countries, generations, and classes.”

Further Details: 

Interested in how innovation is impacting local communities?


Contact reach out to Melissa Evens at 

Interested in how innovation is impacting local communities? To apply, visit

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