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September 7, 18, 21 & 22

Similar to real-world business projects, the STAMINA4 Case Competitions are intensive, experiential learning opportunities that allow students to showcase their critical thinking and analytical abilities, communicate their ideas, and demonstrate mental tenacity. STAMINA4 participants only have four hours to analyze a case and create a presentation to share their recommendations.

Photo courtesy of Jay Petrie, Krannert Class of 2017

Welcome to STAMINA4!

Lockheed Martin Vice President and Purdue alum, Peter Clyne explains why students might want to consider participation in case competitions: "The art of persuasion, logical thinking, financial analysis, clear communication, business acumen, teamwork, and presentation skills are all brought to bear in the cases. Students who can hone these skills in a case competition can more easily apply them in the workplace, where careers are often built on a string of work assignments that often bear many similarities to case studies."

STAMINA4-Social Impact provides an opportunity for Krannert Undergraduates to work with teams (Sophomore, Juniors and Seniors), as consultants for Water for Good. Water for Good is a nonprofit organization based out of Indiana providing clean and safe water to the Central African Republic.

STAMINA4-IT/Analytics provides an opportunity for Purdue Students to work with teams (Sophomores, Juniors, Seniors, and Master Students), to analyze an IT/Analytics case.Teams must include a minimum of 1 Krannert student.

Each team shall consist of four members, each of whom must be enrolled as a full-time student in good standing at Purdue University.

STAMINA4 Social Impact
STAMINA4 IT/Analytics

Registration for Social Impact will close on September 6 at 8 p.m.

Registration for IT/Analytics will close on September 13.

Opportunities & Guidelines

  • Monetary Prizes

    The 1st Place team in each fall 2016 STAMINA4 event will receive $2000 per team, the 2nd place will receive $1200 per team, and 3rd place will receive $800 per team.

    Students will not receive payments until after participation in the next competitions against Indiana University.

  • Winning team will advance to Future Competitions

    STAMINA4-Social Impact winning teams will advance to the Kelley-Krannert Undergraduate Business Case Competition held at IUPUI in Indianapolis from October 28-29. IUPUI is hosting this event.

    STAMINA4-IT/Analytics winning teams will advance to the Purdue-IU Data and Analytics Case Competition held at Purdue from November 3-4. The Business Information and Analytics Center (BIAC) is hosting this event.

  • Premier Training

    The top 4 teams, or the top 3 teams and 4 individuals selected from the remaining teams will be invited to participate in external case competitions with premiere training available from faculty to help students prepare for the competitions.

  • Student Information

    Dress Code

    Monday - Business Comfortable 
    Tuesday - Business Comfortable 
    Thursday - Professional Dress (for presentation) 
    Friday - Professional Dress (for presentation and receptions)

    What to bring

    Each team is responsible for bringing their own computers with the following software programs: Microsoft Windows, PowerPoint, Word and Excel. Students may bring other useful materials to help prepare for presentations, with the exception of people, solutions to cases, etc. Students are encouraged to use library data bases and digital resources. Teams are only to bring copies of their submitted slides to the presentations. No other handouts or displays are allowed.

  • STAMINA 2017 Rules

Students may participate in both competitions as long as they meet the stated criteria. Teams can apply for one or both competitions on the same registration link.