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Faculty sharing their Expertise and Knowledge to help Advance Students in the Case Community

October, 2016

John Burr Lecturing

The Business Information and Analytics Center (BIAC), in collaboration with Krannert's Leadership Communication Studio offering a suite of Seminars for the winning STAMINA4 fall teams. Special thanks to the following faculty members for their academic donations in this fall, 2016 training series:

October 5

Professor Richard Makadok, Professor of Management, Brock Family Chair in Strategic Management
Seminar: Case Analysis

Richark Makadok

October 12

Professor Dr. John Burr, Continuous Term Lecturer
Seminar: Strategy

Dr. John Burr

October 17

Professor Charlene Sullivan, Associate Dean of Undergraduate Programs and Associate Professor of Finance
Seminar: Finance

Charlene Sullivan

Professor Amy David, Faculty Director of MS Global Supply Chain Management and Continuous Term Lecturer
Seminar: Operations and Supply Chain

Amy David

On Monday, October 24, IU Professor of Emeritus Thomas Hustad and Purdue Alum will present a seminar with an innovation focus.
The seminar will help students learn if the company is preparing for its future? Additionally, it will address the process to build a foundation for profitable improvement and growth with innovation. This workshop will be held in Rawls, 4013, from 6:00 p.m.-7:00 p.m.

STAMINA4 Teams will be advancing to the following competitions:
October 27-28, Kelley-Krannert, IUPUI, Indianapolis
November 4, Purdue-IU STAMINA4 Case Competition, Purdue University, West Lafayette

We celebrate the students who attend these workshops on their own time and participate in the series.

To read stories about the STAMINA4 case competitions, click here.

To learn more about the Business Information and Analytics Center at Krannert, click here.

Why is the competition titled STAMINA4:
The STAMINA4 Case Competitions requires stamina/tenacity on the part of the participants to work hard for four hours.

Boiler Business Competitions Club presents Case Competition 101

October, 2016

The Boiler Business Competitions Club provided an introduction to case competitions at an interactive workshop for Krannert undergraduates on Friday, October 14. Club leaders organized the program and were pleased to have the opportunity to share what they have learned with students interested in competing in case competitions. Visit and like the Boiler Business Competitions Facebook page to view the newly released Case Competition 101 video.

Intro to Case Competitions 101 Flyer

Globe-Trotting Students Participate in CIBER International Case Challenge

October, 2016

This fall, at the University of Connecticut (UConn), four Krannert students had opportunities to join global teams and participate in an international case challenge. The Center for International Business Education and Research (CIBER) hosted the event. Globe-trotting students traveled from around the world to form teams of four where undergraduates worked on an international business problem. This year, the problem was focused on Uber and the company's international expansion. Purdue students had opportunities to collaborate with domestic students from across the US and international students from Italy, Egypt and South Africa.    

CIBER 2016 husky wall photo
Students who traveled from Purdue included:

  • Leeane Chen, Marketing and Management
  • Joshua Groh, Industrial Management and Finance
  • Qi Meng, Finance and Computer Science  
  • Xin Wei, Accounting and Hotel and Tourism Management  

The director of the Leadership Communication Studio, Melissa Evens, traveled with the team, sharing, “CIBER was a global experience to create increased awareness of and appreciation for diverse cultures, opening participants minds to different approaches to conducting business.”

The CIBER challenge focused on multicultural teamwork and international business. All of the student participants were recognized and awarded for their excellent performance. In 2015, Krannert student, Austin Coon was on the winning CIBER team.

This year, Purdue replicated the performance. Xin Wei was on the first place team with team members Robert Menzel (Florida State University), Mayar Dessokey (The American University in Cairo) and Andrew Hughes (Belmont University).

In addition, Joshua Groh and his team placed third. Team members included William Criminisi (Trento University, Italy), Sopanha Mao (San Diego State University), and Hlobile Jele (University of Johannesburg). At the competition, Groh was also recognized as being the competition's outstanding respondent to questions during an intense Q&A session with final round judges.

Groh is also on the executive board of the Boiler Business Competitions (BBC). The BBC partners with the Leadership Communication Studio (LCS) to create and execute competitive learning opportunities along with consulting skills training workshop studios for students. The BBC and LCS worked jointly to create an internal application and August case competition to select the Purdue representatives who had the opportunity to participate in CIBER.

Visit the LCS to learn about the case community and the Boiler Business Competitions (BBC) at Krannert.

Announcing the Winning Teams at the 2016 STAMINA4 IT/Analytical Case Competition

September, 2016

The first STAMINA4 IT/Analytical Case Competition was hosted by the Business Information and Analytics Center (BIAC) and the Leadership Communication Studio (LCS) in conjunction with Boiler Business Competitions (BBC). Similar to real-world business projects, STAMINA4 case competitions are intensive, experiential learning opportunities that allow students to showcase their critical thinking and analytical abilities, communicate their ideas, and demonstrate mental tenacity. STAMINA4 participants only had four hours to analyze a case and create a presentation to share their recommendations. 

STAMINA4 IT/Analytics Case Competition

This was the first year BIAC organized the competition and seventy-two students participated. Teams consisted of undergraduate and master's students from across the Purdue campus.
The judges applaud the participants for showcasing their team STAMINA.

Top placing teams are listed:

1st Place
  • Christine Rasquinha
  • Maria Isabel Lins de Castro
  • Christian Bencid
  • David Page
2nd Place 
  • Vishwa Majithia
  • Margaret (Leanne) Maxey
  • Aubrey Ellis
  • Zhijing (Cynthia) Liu
3rd Place
  • Raghav Gandhi
  • Matthew Searcy
  • Maggie Stotzer
  • Hesham Aly
4th Place
  • Jose Moreno
  • Carl Jones
  • Wen Jifu (Bobby)
  • Austin Snair

Judges included:

  • Susan Rowe, President, Rowe Media
  • Andrew Gorski, Regional Sales Manager, CDWG
  • Bill Gripman, Managing Partner, Drive Consulting and author of a business book, "Transforming Transformation with the Gripman Method."
  • Mike Courtney, Technology Architect Group Lead, Accenture Operations

The listed teams will advance to the Purdue IU STAMINA4 IT/Analytics Case Competition hosted by the Business Information Analytics Centers (BIAC) in conjunction with the Leadership Communication Studio (LCS) on November 4, at Purdue. 

Announcing the Winning Teams at the 2016 STAMINA4 Social Impact Case Competition

September, 2016

STAMINA4 Social Impact Case Competition
STAMINA4 Social Impact Case Competition

STAMINA4 Social Impact was hosted by the Leadership Communication Studio (LCS) and the Business Information and Analytics Center (BIAC) in conjunction with the Boiler Business Competitions (BBC).

During STAMINA4 Social Impact Krannert Undergraduates served as consultants for Water for Good. Students analyzed a Water for Good case written by Professor Kenneth Harling, a professor at Wilfrid Laurier University, in partnership with Adrienne Lane and Jon Allen, both profession staff members on the Water for Good team.  

The Water for Good CEO, Richard Klopp thanks Krannert students:

"Central African Republic - by some measures the poorest country on earth - and a group of Purdue students come together in a moment of time to work on and help solve the vexing problem of a lack of access to clean water - a problem that kills people every day with cruel focus on children, those weakened by HIV and AIDS, and the elderly. Lack of basic access to clean water keeps women and girls spending hours each day fetching water, while sapping the strength of everyone as they regularly deal with the many diseases that come from drinking dirty water. From those of us at Water for Good who have been in this battle for many years now, we say to you: welcome to the fight. How unbelievably cool it is to us that for this moment in time you are on our team and helping us move our models forward. More importantly, your work can help save the lives of people in a country that has suffered much and who need bright young energetic people like yourselves to help them build sustainable business solutions so that clean water access becomes as ubiquitous in CAR as in West Lafayette Indiana.

Thirty-two students participated in the competiton, all of the teams were recognized for their outstanding analysis and job well done. The top four placing teams are listed:

1st Place 
  • Matt Butler
  • Joe Vandermus
  • Emily Cox
  • Sebastian Weakland
2nd Place
  • Joshua Groh
  • Divyam Shah
  • Brandon Ko
  • Vidditt Kapur
3rd Place
  • Christine Rasquinha
  • Leeane Chen
  • Jay Petrie
  • Riley Owens
4th Place 
  • PeiKai (Matt) Xia
  • Jennifer Martinez
  • Jordan Szczepanski
  • Austin Coon

Executive Presence Award was presented to, Sebastian Weakland

Judges for the STAMINA4 Social Impact Case Competition included:

  • Peter Clyne, Vice President, Mergers and Acquisitions, Lockheed Martin
  • Magdalena Clyne, Contract Manager (retired), Lockheed Martin
  • Matthew Clarke, COO/CFO, Churchhill Mortgage
  • Jim Dodson, CEO, The Dodson Group
  • Charlene Sullivan, Associate Dean of Undergraduate Programs and Professor, Purdue University
  • Russ Zimmerman, Vice President, South Atlantic Area Manager, Great Lakes Dredge & Dock Company

Special thanks to the students, judges, sponsors, Water for Good,  Dr. Kenneth Harling, volunteers, the MBA Project Director - Kristina Throne and her colleague Matt Bobrowski for their outstanding efforts to execute STAMINA4.

STAMINA4 Social Impact Case Competition

2016 Purdue Promise Visit

The Leadership Communication Studio was honored to participate in the 2016 Purdue Promise Visit. Desiree Shannon, an MBA student, coordinated Krannert's activity to engage 575 Benton County Creative Thinkers. Fellow MBA students Kristina Hollars and Christine Rasquinha assisted throughout the day.

Visit the LCS Facebook page to view a video of the event, and for more information about the Leadership Communication Studio!

Purdue Promise
Purdue Promise
Purdue Promise

STAMINA4 observations from Jana Brockmann, Paderborn Germany

Jana served as a volunteer international case consultant for the Leadership Communication Studio during the fall 2016 STAMINA4 Social Impact competition.

Hey there! My name is Jana and I am a Media Studies student (Master’s Program) from Paderborn, Germany. What got me to Krannert was not a semester abroad, but accompanying my boyfriend during his scientific exchange. I was very lucky when I met Melissa from the Leadership Communication Studio who offered me the opportunity to serve as a time keeper for the STAMINA4 Case Competition. As Media Studies in Germany don’t have a lot to do with management or case competitions, I was really excited of getting a chance to gain an insight into STAMINA4 – Social Impact. Jana Brockman

When the judges welcomed the teams, I was really impressed by the students’ professionalism. Dressed in business attire and seemingly without any hints of nervousness, they presented their results confidently. As I would not consider myself a confident speaker, it was highly interesting for me to observe the teams’ presentation styles. Most of the teams didn’t use cards and they spoke freely. Also they made eye contact with the judges and spoke calmly, but still made their arguments clear. 

It was remarkable to see what the teams accomplished in only four hours of time and how they still managed to make a PowerPoint Presentation. Although I admittedly didn’t understand every detail of the teams’ concepts, I think that watching the competition was a very helpful experience. By listening to the judges’ thoughts about each team, I not only learned what they considered a good presentation but also what they basically paid attention to. Besides taking a close look at the PowerPoint Presentations, the solution design and the teams’ overall performances, the judges also put their focus on the students’ appearance. Even though it might not seem a priority to check the outfit extremely precisely when getting ready for a presentation, it really seemed to pay off when the students wisely chose their outfits. The judges noticed every little detail: Socks that didn’t match the shoes and / or the suit and even ties with a messy knot.

The Q&A after each presentation was also quite enlightening. The jury did not only pay attention to the quality of the answers, they also concentrated on who answered a bit too dominantly and wouldn’t let the other team members react to their questions.

I am very happy I got the chance to be a small part of the challenge and to have learned so much about giving a convincing presentation. Next time I’ll have to give a presentation, I will keep in mind what the judges focused on and how professionally and competent the teams presented their ideas. Since I learned so much by only watching the Case Competition I would definitely recommend to take part in STAMINA4 and to take the opportunity to improve your presentation style and become more confident. When you are insecure and don’t know what to expect from the challenge, you might also want to serve as a time keeper first to get an insight. 

Click here to learn about STAMINA4:
Similar to real-world business projects, the STAMINA4 case competition is an intensive, experiential learning opportunity that allow students to showcase their critical thinking and analytical abilities, communicate their ideas, and demonstrate mental tenacity.  STAMINA4 participants only have four hours to analyze a case and create a presentation to share their recommendations.

The Benton County Community Promise

The Benton County Community Promise is striving toward college access through 529 savings accounts for children in grades starting as early as kindergarten. In a partnership between the Benton County Promise and Purdue University over 575 students, in grades kindergarten through third grade, will be introduced to the college experience. Colleges across campus will be represented this day including the Krannert School of Management, College of Engineering, College of Education and more. Students will be exposed to the Boilermaker Express, the Purdue Bass Drum, team building activities and so much more! This initiative will be on the Purdue campus on September 27th from 9:30 a.m. - 2:20 p.m. Contact Desiree Shannon, Leadership Communication Studio, at  to get involved.

Boilermaker Express

Krannert School of Management Leadership Communication Studio STAMINA4 Update

Krannert School of Management, Purdue University: STAMINA4 is now in full swing as we approach the coming week. We have 32 students on 8 teams participating in the STAMINA4 Social Impact case competition and 72 students on 18 teams participating in the IT/Analytics STAMINA4 case competition. STAMINA4 case competitions are similar to real-world business projects and allow students to communicate their ideas, showcase their critical thinking, and to demonstrate mental tenacity.

Teams begin their journey on Monday (Social Impact) and Tuesday (IT/Analytics) with a Case Community Meeting; the teams will then dive right into the 4-hour competition where they will be analyzing a case and creating a presentation to share their recommendations. The teams will compete for advancement to the Presentation Round and winners will be announced on Friday, September 23.

The STAMINA4 Social Impact case competition focuses on Water for Good, where teams will get a hands on opportunity to work on and help solve the vexing problem of a lack of access to clean water in the Central African Republic.

“The teams’ work can help save the lives of people in a country that has suffered so much because of lack of clean water…this issue kills people every day with cruel focus on children, those weakened by HIV and AIDS, and the elderly,” Water for Good Board President, Rich Klopp

The Leadership Communication Studio has partnered with the Business Information and Analytics Center (BIAC) to create these experiential learning opportunities.  In the STAMINA4 IT/Analytics Case Competition, students will have the chance to find solutions to business problems from business data while growing their skills sets to help prepare them for the workplace.

Many thanks go out to each and every professor and staff member that helped communicate this extraordinary opportunity that allows our Purdue students to grow into exceptional, compelling individuals that are ready to take on the business world.

Writer, Jessica Miller, Director of Digital Communication

Boiler Business Competitions collaborates with LCS for Consulting Skills Seminar, Sept. 1-2

Consulting Skills Seminar intro event

The Boiler Business Competitions (BBC) is a student-led organization that works in conjunction with the Leadership Communication Studio (LCS). The collaborative team is dedicated to providing support for students interested in participating in case competitions and also creating new case challenge opportunities. On September 2 and 3, the BBC and LCS hosted a Consulting Skills Seminar: Conversation Panel and Studio Workshops. The team worked in partnership with multiple Krannert supporters including: student clubs, the Krannert Advancement team, and the Business Information and Analytical Center (BIAC), to execute and promote the event.

Over 200 students had the opportunity to learn about consulting, communication and technology from visiting consultants. Firms represented include: Accenture, West Monroe Partners and Protiviti. To learn more about the BBC student organization and hear from the leaders, click here to view the video.

Between September 19-23,  the BBC student leaders will be participating in STAMINA4 case competitions. Similar to real-world business projects, the STAMINA4 case competition is an intensive, experiential learning opportunity that allow students to showcase their critical thinking and analytical abilities, communicate their ideas, and demonstrate mental tenacity.  STAMINA4 participants only have four hours to analyze a case and create a presentation to share their recommendations. 

Krannert is hosting two competitions, STAMINA4 Social Impact and STAMINA4 IT/Analytics. Krannert Undergraduates (excluding freshmen) who meet the criteria can participate in both competitions. STAMINA4 IT/Analytics hosted by the Business Information and Analytical Center is open to all Purdue students include Undergraduate and Freshmen (excluding freshmen) who meet the criteria.

 The STAMINA4 application is open now, students apply with a team of 4 to participate. The application deadline is September 14, at midnight. Winning teams will have the opportunity to advance to competitions again Indiana University held later this fall. First place teams win $2800 in prize money.

Participants in the Global Business Competition at the University of Washington strike a pose in the Leadership Communication Studio

University of Washington Global Business Competition participants

A Toddler presents a design idea to a Dean and Student Judges at the 2016 Minute Business Challenge, Spring Fest

At Spring Fest, Krannert undergraduates engaged with 75 Spring Fest guests at the “Minute Business Challenge.” Participants in the competition ranged in ages between 3 to 20 years of age. The challengers were given business problems and guided along to create solutions. The participants shared their recommendations with judges who provided feedback and recognized jobs “well done”.

One outstanding participant was Lilly, the daughter of a Purdue Pharmacy student. While Lilly’s father was studying, Lilly attended spring fest with her mother. At the event, Lilly’s challenge was to create a new candy design for a candy manufacturer. 

Lilly took inspiration for her candy design from the Spring Fest face-painters. Prior to her presentation to the judges, Lilly drew and colored a prototype for a pink-kitty candy piece, that looked like the kitty design painted on her face. The confident toddler walked up to the judges which included the Dean of Undergraduate programs and Purdue students. Lilly shook the judge’s hands and proudly shared her innovative design idea for the candy manufacturer. 

 Lilly’s Mom shares:

“It's never too early to prepare your children for talking/presenting in front of others.”

 The “Minute Business Challenge” was created by Shannon Kane, a Krannert Junior in conjunction with Melissa Evens, the Director of the Leadership Communication Studio.  This is the second year for Kane to execute the challenge with student volunteers at Spring Fest. In 2015, the Minute Business Challenge was featured by the Journal and Courier as a “must attend event.”  Special thanks to all of student volunteers, Dr. Sullivan, Evens and especially to Kane for her efforts to execute an innovative activity to engage future business leaders. Spring Fest is an  annual event coordinated by  Purdue Agriculture to “showcase the lighter side of education.” Krannert undergraduates have been participating in executing educational activities with youth for over a decade. In 2017, Spring Fest is scheduled on April 8th and 9th, on the Purdue University, West Lafayette campus.

Minute Business Challenge

STAMINA, a One-Hour Case Challenge, a Success - April 1, 2016

On Friday April 1st, the Leadership Communication Studio (LCS) held its second STAMINA individual, one-hour case challenge where students had the opportunity to display their unique problem solving skills by working through a  Finance and Marketing case connected to the gaming industry. 

The contest consisted of two rounds; one case challenge in the morning, where students had an hour to prepare their presentations and a second round for four finalists in the afternoon. This second round included a question about the case that showcased student abilities to reason and stay confident under pressure. Finalists received a Krannert swag bag along with a prized book from author Marc P. Cosentino, Case in Point. Prior to the contest, Cosentino Skyped in, and shared advice on how to master a case interview and discussed tips to help students communicate with judges during challenge.  This virtual interaction was an added bonus that students had going into the competition. 

Below are photographs of the group that participated in STAMINA.
Special congratulations to Divyam Sham, the winner of the STAMINA challenge. 

Krannert Freshman win big at the Burton D. Morgan Competition

Writer: Melissa Evens

Burton D. Morgan

Krannert alum, Mike Cassidy, also a continuing term lecturer at Purdue coaches an undergraduate team, Fro Yo Express in the 2016 Burton D. Morgan business plan competition. Cassidy said, “The most amazing element of the team story is that five of the six are members of the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Learning Community (ELC) this last fall—thus they are all second semester freshman who came up with this idea and did most of the work as first semester freshman!”

The team members include: Marek Davis, Bharat Agarwal,  Shriyash Jalukar, Jhalak Rawat,  Aarti Panda and the non ELC member is Rizwannula Mohammad. “These are serious students who are serious about entrepreneurship and what impressed me is their commitment to excellence and willingness to put forth the effort required to write a solid plan. These students are each mature beyond their years and are of high character,” Cassidy said.

In the Purdue campus competition, students develop an idea, write a business plan and present the idea to a group of judges. Team Fro Yo Express competed in the undergraduate division and finished second with a cash prize of $10,000.

Cassidy, who is a lifelong entrepreneur with five successful start-ups said, “one specific area that impressed me is that even though at their age they do not have much business experience, they created an innovative path to market. The students had many other creative ideas owing to their resourcefulness and it is these kinds of things that impressed the judges.”

Rawat and Agarwal are both freshman studying at the Krannert School of Management. Agarwal, shares on Facebook, “months of hard work pay off.”

“We are proud of the Fro Yo Express team and the many students who participate in case competitions and challenges to push themselves to higher levels of learning to complement the classroom. Krannert undergraduates perform well in solving real business challenges as they demonstrate grit and abilities to develop innovative solutions ” said Melissa Evens, director of the Leadership Communication Studio who works with undergraduates to create case competitions  and challenges at  Krannert.

Purdue student, Daniel Toporek wrote a story for the Exponent about Fro Yo Express and other top placing undergraduate Burton D. Morgan Competition team. 

Sources: Mike Cassidy, Bharat Agarwal and Melissa Evens