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The INFORMS Board has announced the appointment of Professor Garrett van Ryzin, Columbia University, to serve as Editor-in-Chief of M&SOM. Professor van Ryzin's 3-year term began on January 1, 2003.  

Therefore, beginning January 1, 2003, all *new submissions should be submitted to M&SOM's new website:

*Revisions of manuscripts either in revision or in review on 12/31/2002 should be submitted here.

Other News

Sincere thanks to M&SOM's Senior Editors, Editorial Board Members, and Ad Hoc Reviewers, to several different Managing Editors (especially Lisa Ratliff), to my wife, Rona, and the "The Stray Dogs" for all their support, intellectual and spiritual, during my 6 year term as Editor-in-Chief. 
Leroy B. Schwarz

Focused Issue:
We are pleased to announce plans for a focused issue in Decision Technologies for Managing Agricultural and Food Businesses, to be edited by Tim Lowe (University of Iowa) and Paul Preckel (Purdue University).            Note: Submission Closed

Commissioned Paper Series:
M&SOM is pleased to announce a series of commissioned papers, written by pre-eminent scholars in their fields of study

Published 4:1 
"Forecast, Solution and Rolling Horizons in Operations Management: A Classified Bibliography" Authors: Suresh Chand, Purdue University; Suresh Sethi, University of Texas at Dallas; Vernon Hsu, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology  

Published 5:2

Title: "Telephone Call Centers: Tutorial, Review, and Research Prospects" Authors: Noah Gans, Ger Koole, Avishai Mandelbaum

Published 5:3
Title: "On the Interface between Operations and Human Resources Management" Authors: John Boudreau, Wallace Hopp, John McClain, and L. Joseph Thomas

Title: "An Overview of Pricing Models and Revenue Management"
Authors: Gabriel Bitran, Rene Caldentey

Published 5:4
Title: "Capacity Management, Investment, and Hedging: Review and Recent Developments" Author: Jan A. Van Mieghem

: "
Airline Schedule Planning Accomplishments and Opportunities" Authors:  Cynthia Barnhart and Amy Mainville Cohn

Title: "To Pull or not to Pull: What is the Question?" Authors:  Mark L. Spearman and Wallace J. Hopp


Volume 5:4 is now available in print.

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Revisions of manuscripts either in revision or in review on 12/31/2002 should be submitted here.

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