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Human Library

In a Human Library, “books” are people with willingness to share their experiences and answer questions openly; “readers” come with questions they might not get to ask elsewhere. The informal, but powerful Human Library format can help strengthen intercultural dialogue, mitigate biases, and promote a culture of inclusion for people of all backgrounds. It provides a safe space to create understanding through communication. WIM hosted the first Human Library in 2014. Krannert is the first business school and Big Ten school to conduct a Human Library 

Studies show that culture plays a more important role than policies in creating opportunities for diversity within an organization. Women in Management is sponsoring the Human Library because women face biases that are based not only on gender, but also on any other stigmatized group to which they might belong. When we come together as a community of listeners and learners, we can build a culture that celebrates diversity in all its forms. Krannert prepares global business leaders. What our students learn about diversity and inclusion at Krannert will help them make a difference as they move into organizations and communities around the world.

Total books 2015: 32 (29 books in 2014)
Total readers 2015: 276 (86 in 2014)
Library Hours of Operation 2015: 6 (3 in 2014)