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Barron, Jack
Loeb Professor of Economics ;
Barron, John
Office: KRAN 490
Phone: (765) 49-44451
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Professional Bio:

Professor Barron's primary teaching interests include the economics of information and macroeconomics. His current research interests are labor economics and contract theory.

He has had a number of articles published, including papers in the American Economic Review, Journal of Human Resources,  Journal of Law and Economics, International Economic Review, Review of Economics and Statistics, and the  Journal of Labor Economics.  More recent publications include "Peer Pressure in an Agency Relationship" coauthored with K. Gjerde, Journal of Labor Economics (April 1997); "How Well Do We Measure Training?" co-authored with D. Black and M. Berger, Journal of Labor Economics (1998); "International Lending by U.S. Banks" co-authored with N. Valev, Journal of Money, Credit and Banking (2000); "A Theory of Quality-related Differences in Retail Margins: Why There is a "Premium" on Premium Gasoline" co-authored with B. Taylor and J. Umbeck, Economic Inquiry, (2000); "The Effects of High School Athletic Participation on Education and Labor Market Outcomes" co-authored with B. Ewing and G. Waddell, Review of Economics and Statistics, (2000); "Executive Rank, Pay and Project Selection," co-author G. Waddell, Journal of Financial Economics, (2003); "Number of Sellers, Average Prices, and Price Dispersion," co-authors B. Taylor and J. Umbeck, International Journal of Industrial Organization, (2005); "Selective Counteroffers," co-authors M. Berger and D. Black, Journal of Labor Economics, (2006), "Work Hard, Not Smart: Stock Options in Executive Compensation," co-author G. Waddell, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization (2008) and "Consumer and Competitor Reactions: Evidence From a Field Experiment," co-authors J. Umbeck and G. Waddell. International Journal of Industrial Organization (2008).  He has also published five books.

Professor Barron has been a consultant to the U.S. Department of Labor, the Small Business Administration, ARCO, Texaco, Shell, Visa International, Amoco, and various law firms. He has received research grants from the Brookings Institution, the Department of Labor, the National Institutes of Health, the Carthage Foundation, the National Science Foundation, Small Business Administration, and W.E. Upjohn Foundation, among others.