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Krannert Directory

Faculty / Staff Spotlight
Dunford, Benjamin
Associate Professor of Management;
Dunford, Benjamin
Office: RAWL 4028
Phone: (765) 49-67877
E-mail: bdunford@purdue.edu
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Professional Bio:

I'm interested in how the treatment of people impacts organizational effectiveness and employee engagement.  Thus, my research generally falls into two categories.  The first category evaluates the impact of certain initiatives such as reward systems, participative management and change interventions on outcomes at the firm, unit or individual level.  The second category examines employee cooperation and contrary disengagement processes, such as the development of burnout, job search, turnover, and retaliatory behavior.  I am particularly interested in how these themes play out in the healthcare industry where managerial decisions and employee engagement are pivotal to the well-being of patients, families and communities.