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Ananth Iyer

Ananth Iyer

Senior Associate Dean
Susan Bulkeley Butler Chair in Operations Management
Operations Management


Ph.D., Ind. and Sys. Engineering, Georgia Tech
M.S., Ind Eng and O R, Syracuse University
B. Tech., Mech Eng, India Institute of Technology, Bombay


Professor Iyer is the Susan Bulkeley Butler Chair in Operations Management at the Krannert School of Management. He is the Department head of the management department. He is currently the Director of DCMME (Dauch Center for the Management of Manufacturing Enterprises) and the GSCMI (Global Supply Chain Management Initiative). From 2012 to 2016, he was the Director of Purdue NExT - a University wide modular online interactive courses for global distribution. He was the Associate Dean for Graduate Programs (2011-2013) and Director of DCMME and the founding Director of GSCMI (2006-2011) at the Krannert School of Management. Previously, he was Purdue University Faculty Scholar from 1999-2004.

His teaching and research interests are operations and supply chain management. Professor Iyer's research currently focuses on analysis of supply chains including the impact of promotions on logistics systems in the grocery industry, and analysis of the impact of competitors on operational management models and the role of supply contracts. His other topics of study include inventory management in the fashion industry, effect of supplier contracts, and use of empirical data sets in operations management model building.

He has four books ranging from a textbook on Managing Supply chains to trade books on Toyota Supply Chains, Supply Chains on the Silk Road and Orchestrating Supply Chain Opportunities. His published works (with co-authors listed in the publications list)include "An Approach to Identifying Beneficial Collaboration Securely in Decentralized Logistics Systems, MandSOM (to appear),"Efficient Supply Chain Management at the US Coast Guard using Part Age Dependent Supply Replenishment Policies", Operations Research, 2006, 'A Principal Agent Model for Product Specification and Production", Management Science, 2005,"The Logistics Impact of a Mixture of Order Streams in a Manufacturer-Retailer System", Management Science, 2003,"The Supply Chain Impact of Smart Customers in a Promotional Environment" with Huchzermeier and Freiheit, MandSOM, 2002; "Inventory Cost Impact of Managing Lead Times using Priority Queues based on Demand Uncertainty," Naval Research Logistics, 2002; "A Logistics Model in a Promotion Sensitive Grocery Environment" with J. Ye, Networks, 2001; "Assessing the Value of Information Sharing in a Promotional Environment" with J. Ye, Manufacturing and Service Operations Management, 2000; "Quick Response in Manufacturer Retailer Channels" with Mark Bergen, Management Science, 1997; "Backup Agreements in Fashion Buying - The Value of Upstream Flexibility" with G. Eppen, Management Science, 1997; and "Separating Logistics Flows in the Chicago School System" with D. Elsenstein, Operations Research, Vol. 44, No. 2, 1996. He was the FMC Scholar in 1990-91. He has served as a Department Editor of Management Science, Associate Editor of Operations Research, is on the editorial boards of Operations Research Letters, IIE Transactions, the ECR Journal and Manufacturing and Service Operations Management editorial board, and member of INFORMS.

He was president-elect of the MSOM Society of INFORMS in 2001-02 and served as president for the year 2002-03. Prior to joining the Krannert faculty in 1996, Professor Iyer taught at the University of Chicago. He has been affiliated with the Production and Distribution Research Center at Georgia Tech, and a consultant to Daymon Associates, Sara Lee, Turner Broadcasting and others. He served his Chicago community as a pro bono consultant to the Chicago School System and the Chicago Streets and Sanitation Department.

He blogs about  Global Supply Chain Management at

Forthcoming Publications

  • Iyer, A., Saranga, H., Seshadri, S. Effect of QMS and TQM Before and After: Empirical Evidence from the Indian Auto Component Industry. Production and Operations Management,

Journal Articles

  • Wee, K. and Iyer, A. (2011). Consolidating or non-consolidating queues:A Game Theoretic Queueing Model with Holding Costs. Operations Research Letters, vol. 39 4-10.
  • Everingham, K., Polaski, G., Riedlin, F., Deshpande, V, Iyer,A. (2008). Operations Research Enhances Supply Chain Management at the US Coast Guard Supply and Repair Center. Interfaces, vol. 38 (1),
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  • Everingham, K., Polaski, G., Riedllin, F., Shirk, M, Deshpande, V., Iyer, A.V. (2008). Operations Research Enhances Supply Chain Management at the US Coast Guard Aircraft Repair and Supply Center. Interfaces, 2007 Franz Edelman Award Finalists, INFORMS, vol. 38, Jan-Feb (1), 1-15.
  • Iyer, A.V. and Jain, A. (2007). Peverse Incentives: How Suppliers Unwittingly Encourage Bad Practices. ECR Journal, International Commerce Review, ECR Europe, International Commerce Review. vol. 7, Autumn 2007 (2), 134-143.
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Conference Proceedings

  • Iyer, A., Pekny, J., Preckel, P., Ryan, J., & Uszoy, R. (2001). SCOPE - A Preliminary Report. NSF Grantees Conference Proceedings, Tampa, FL.
  • Iyer, A., Deshpande, V., & Thomas, M. (2001). A Taxonomy for a Contingency Logistics System. NSF Grantees Conference Proceedings, Tampa, FL.
  • Huchzermeier, A., Iyer, A., & Stolle, J. (2000). SMARTS - Smart Consumers and Retail Promotions. International Symposium on Logistics, ISL, Iwate, Japan.


  • Iyer, A., and Zelikovsky, A. (2011). Orchestrating Supply Chain Opportunities: Achieving Stretch Goals Efficiently. Business Expert Press,
  • Iyer, A., Seshadri, S., and Vasher, R. (2009). Toyota Supply Chain Management. McGraw Hill Trade,
  • Iyer, A., Koudal, P., Saranga, H. and Seshadri, S. (2009). Indian Manufacturing Strategic and Operational Decisions and Business Performance. World Scientif, World Scientific.

Book Chapters

  • Iyer, A., and Seshadri, S. (2006). Transforming an Indian Manufacturing Company: The Rane Brake Linings Case. Supply Chain Management in Emerging Markets,
  • Huchzermeier, A., and Iyer, A. (2006). Supply Chain Management in a Promotional Environment. Retailing in the 21st Century: Current and Future Trends,Springer Berlin,
  • Iyer, A. (2001). Demand Forecasting and Management. Wiley-Interscience, vol. 3rd
  • Iyer, A. (1998). Modeling the Impact of Information on Inventories. Springer,
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