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Karthik Kannan

Karthik Kannan

Professor of Management
Management Information Systems


Ph.D., Information Systems, Carnegie Mellon University
M.S., Electrical and Computer Engineering, Carnegie Mellon University
M.Phil., Public Policy and Management, Carnegie Mellon University
B.E., Electrical and Electronics Engineering, REC


Professor Kannan's research focuses on the "design for instincts," an idea he proposed ( Specifically, he studies how different aspects of information technology may be used to exploit human instincts and biases in order to nudge/manipulate behavior. You can learn more about his research here.

Dr. Kannan works on three primary research streams: pricing using auctions of information goods, pricing of data networks, and economics of information security. His papers have been accepted in several leading conferences and journals in the information systems area, including Management Science, Information Systems Research, Workshop on Information Technology and Systems, Workshop on Information Systems Economics,International Conference on Information Systems, andConference on Information System and Technology. His papers have won the Best Paper Awards in the 10th and the 15th Annual Workshop on Information Technology and Systems. He currently serves/has served as an Associate Editor for Management Science, Information Systems Research, and MIS Quarterly. He is a member of AIS and INFORMS. He is also a CERIAS Fellow and Krannert's Faculty Fellow.

At Purdue, he teaches the IS course in the MBA programs (in the regular, weekend, and Exec Ed MBA). He has also been a visiting faculty member at GISMA and ISB. Previously, he taught the undergraduate core course as well as a database course.

Forthcoming Publications

  • Hashim, M., Kannan, K., and Maximiano, S (2016). Information Feedback, Targeting, and Coordination: An Experimental Study. Information Systems Research,
  • Kannan, K., Rahman, M., and Tawarmalani, M (2016). Implications of Restricted Patch Distribution. Management Science,

Journal Articles

  • Sha, Z., Kannan, K., and Panchal, J (2015). Behavioral Experimentation and Game Theory in Engineering Systems Design. Journal of Mechanical Design, vol. 137 (5),
  • Overby, E., and Kannan, K (2015). Reduced Search Costs Bidder Distribution Auctions. Management Science, vol. 61 (6), 1398-1420.
  • Hashim, M., Kannan, K., Maximiano, S., and Rees, J (2014). Digital Piracy, Teens, and the Source of Advice: An Experimental Study. Journal of Management Information Systems, vol. 31 (2), 211-244.
  • Wang, T., Kannan, K., and Rees, J (2013). The Textual Contents of Media Reports of Information Security Breaches and Profitable Short-Term Investment Opportunities. Journal of Organizational Computing and Electronic Commerce, vol. 23 (3), 200-223.
  • Wang, T., Kannan, K., and Rees, J (2013). The Association between the Disclosure and the Realization of Information Security Risk Factors. Information Systems Research, vol. 24 (2), 201-218.
  • Kannan (2012). Effects of Revelation Policies under Cost Uncertainty. Information Systems Research, vol. 23 (1), 75-92.
  • Kim, A., Balachander, S., and Kannan, K (2012). Optimal Number of Slots in Search Auctions. Marketing Letters, vol. 23 (3), 851-868.
  • Cason, T., Kannan, K., and Siebert, R (2011). An Experimental Study of Information Revelation Policies in Sequential Auctions. Management Science, vol. 57 (4), 667-688.
  • Balachandar, Kannan, & Schwartz (2010). A Theoretical and Empirical Analyses of Alternate Auction Policies for Search Advertisements. Review of Marketing Science, vol. 7 (1),
  • Kannan (2010). Effects of Revelation Policies under Cost Uncertainty. Information Systems Research,
  • Kannan (2010). Declining Prices in Sequential Auctions with Complete Revelation of Bids. Economic Letters, vol. 108 (1),
  • Greenwald, A., Kannan, K., and Krishnan, R. (2009). On Evaluating Information Revelation Policies in E-marketplaces: A Markov Decision Process Approach. Information Systems Research, vol. 20 (4),
  • Tawarmalani, M., Kannan, K., and De, P. (2009). Allocating Objects in a Network of Caches: Centralized and Decentralized Analyses. Management Science, vol. 55 (1),
  • Arora, A., Greenwald, A., Kannan, K. and Krishnan, R. (2007). Effects of Information Revelation Policies under Market Structure Uncertainty. Management Science, vol. 53 (8),
  • Kannan, K., Rees, J., and Sridhar, S. (2007). Market Reactions to Information Security Breach Announcements: An Empirical Analysis. International Journal of Electronic Commerce, vol. forthcoming
  • Kannan, K., & Telang, R. (2005). Market for Vulnerabilities? Think Again. Management Science, vol. 51 (5), 726-740.
  • Following Instincts

    The obvious strategy for a clothing retailer is to have as much product on the sales floor as possible to yield high sales. For women, however, that turns out to be a counterproductive strategy, says Purdue researcher Karthik Kannan, a professor of management information systems.

    Full story: Following Instincts

Phone: (765) 49-43414
Office: RAWL 4021

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