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Mohit Tawarmalani

Professor of Management;

Professor Tawarmalani's teaching interests are deterministic and stochastic operations research, logistics, production planning, economics, statistics, and decision analysis. His research interests include mathematical programming, complexity and approximation, and symbolic computing. Professor Tawarmalani's recent publications include: "Global Optimization of Mixed Integer Nonlinear Programs: A Theoretical and Computational Study" with N.V. Sahinidis, Mathematical Programming, 100, 355-377, 2004; "Convex Extensions and Envelopes of Lower Semi-continuous Functions" with N.V. Sahinidis, Mathematical Programming, 2002; "Semidefinite Relaxations of Fractional Programs via Novel Convexification Techniques" with N.V. Sahinidis, Journal of Global Optimization, 20, 137-158, 2001; and "Applications of Global Optimization to Process and Molecular Design" with N.V. Sahinidis, Computers & Chemical Engineering, 24, 2157-2169, 2000. Professor Tawarmalani is a member of the Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences (INFORMS) and serves as the Web administrator of the Optimization section of its Web site.


Ph.D. Industrial Engineering, University of Illinois
M.S., Industrial Engineering, University of Illinois
B.S., Mechanical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology

Research & Area(s) of Expertise

Quantitative Methods, Mathematical Programming, Optimization, Complexity and Approximation, Symbolic Computing

Mohit Tawarmalani


Phone: (765) 49-62620
Office: RAWL 4019

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