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Bill Novshek

Associate Professor of Economics;

Professor Novshek's main teaching interests are microeconomic theory, mathematical economics, and industrial organization theory. His current research interests are properties of oligopoly equilibrium and foundations of competition. His major publications include "Fulfilled Expectations Cournot Duopoly with Information Acquisition and Release" (with Hugo Sonnenschein), Bell Journal of Economics, 13, pp. 214-218, (Spring 1982); "Perfectly Competitive Markets as the Limits of Cournot Markets," Journal of Economic Theory, 35, pp. 72-82, (February 1985); and "On the Existence of Cournot Equilibrium," Review of Economic Studies, pp. 85-98, (January 1985). Prior to joining the Krannert faculty, he was an assistant professor at Stanford University (1979-86). He has had visiting positions at California Institute of Technology (1983-84) and University of California-Berkeley (1986). He is a member of the Econometric Society and the American Economic Association.


Ph.D., Economics, Northwestern University
M.S., Mathematics, Michigan State University
B.S., Mathematics and Economics, University of Wisconsin

Research & Area(s) of Expertise

models of oligopoly equilibrium information in games models of consumer behavior