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Theodore Goodman

Assistant Professor;


Ph.D.   (Accounting), University of Pennsylvania, December 2005

BBA    (Finance and Accounting), University of Michigan, May 1999

Academic Positions

Purdue University, Assistant Professor of Accounting, 2012-present

University of Arizona, Assistant Professor of Accounting, 2005-2012

Purdue University, Visiting Professor, Fall 2009

 Refereed Publications

"The Effects of Ownership and Compensation Practices on Charitable Activities" (with Leslie Eldenburg and Fabio Gaertner), Contemporary Accounting Research, 32 (2015): 169-192.

 "Management Forecast Quality and Capital Investment Decisions" (with Monica Neamtiu, Nemit Shroff, and Hal White), The Accounting Review, 89 (2014): 331-365.

 "Does Investment-related Pressure Lead to Misreporting? An Analysis of Reporting following M&A transactions" (with Dan Bens and Monica Neamtiu), The Accounting Review 87 (2012): 839-865.

 "Which Institutional Investors Trade Based on Private Information about Earnings and Returns?" (with Brian Bushee), Journal of Accounting Research 45 (2007): 1-31.

Working Papers

"Financial Reporting Quality, Investment Horizon, and Institutional Investor Trading Strategies" with Brian Bushee and Shyam Sunder

  •          Presented at 2015 FARS Mid-year meeting
  •          Revising for resubmission to The Accounting Review

"The Incidence, Valuation, and Management of Tax-related Reputational Costs: Evidence from the Occupy Wall Street Movement" with Dan Dhaliwal, P.J. Hoffman, and Casey Schwab

  •          Revising for resubmission to The Accounting Review

"Fundamental Analysis and Option Returns" with Monica Neamtiu and Frank Zhang

  •          Presented at 2012 AAA FARS Mid-year Meeting
  •          Awaiting second review from Journal of Accounting, Auditing, and Finance

"The Influence of Competition on Competition and Hospital Quality" With Leslie Eldenburg and Linda Chen

  •          Presented at 2015 AAA Annual meeting
  •          Awaiting review from Contemporary Accounting Research

 "Slack and Crash Risk" with Volkan Muslu and Hyungshin Park

  •          Presented at 2016 Accounting Conference at Temple University
  •          Scheduled to be presented at 2017 FARS conference 


Research & Area(s) of Expertise

Institutional investors, Mergers and Acquisitions , Executive compensation