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Lynda Thoman

Assistant Professor of Management;

Professor Thoman teaches courses in both managerial and financial accounting. Her current research focuses on auditing issues, the source of the demand for auditing, how the legal system disciplines auditors, how accounting standards are chosen, and agency problems – what makes hierarchies advantageous and how the agency contract is affected when firms must compete for managers. Her recent publications include "On Auditors and the Courts in an Adverse Selection Setting" (with Nahum Melumad), |i|Journal of Accounting and Research|/i| (Spring 1990); and "An Equilibrium Analysis of Optimal Audit Contracts" (with Nahum Melumad), |i|Contemporary Accounting Research|/i| (Fall 1990). Professor Thoman's prior professional work experience was as an economics instructor at Santa Clara University (1981-83) and Scripps College (1983-84). She is a member of the American Accounting Association.


Ph.D., Economics, Stanford University, 1984
M.A., Economics, Stanford University, 1977
B.A., Mathematics, Grinnell College, 1968

Research & Area(s) of Expertise

Accounting, Audits