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Publications for Zhang, Cathy
>Journal Articles

Lotz, Sebastien and Cathy Zhang. (2015). Money and Credit as Means of Payment: A New Monetarist Approach. Journal of Economic Theory, .
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Zhang, Cathy (2014). An Information-Based Theory of International Currency. Journal of International Economics, vol. 93 (2), 286-301.
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Richardson, Gary and Cathy Zhang (2013). A Review of Barry Eichengreen's Exorbitant Privilege: the Rise and Fall of the Dollar and the Future of the International Monetary System. Economia, vol. 2, 337-344.

>Working Papers

Zhang, Cathy. Expectational Stability in a News-Driven Business Cycle Model.
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Hu, Tai-Wei and Cathy Zhang. Responding to the Inflation Tax.
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