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Publications for Iyer, Ananth
>Forthcoming Publications

Iyer, A., Saranga, H., Seshadri, S.. Effect of QMS and TQM Before and After: Empirical Evidence from the Indian Auto Component Industry. Production and Operations Management.

>Journal Articles

Wee, K. and Iyer, A. (2011). Consolidating or non-consolidating queues:A Game Theoretic Queueing Model with Holding Costs. Operations Research Letters, vol. 39, 4-10.

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>Conference Proceedings

Iyer, A., Pekny, J., Preckel, P., Ryan, J., & Uszoy, R. (2001). SCOPE - A Preliminary Report. Tampa, FL.

Iyer, A., Deshpande, V., & Thomas, M. (2001). A Taxonomy for a Contingency Logistics System. Tampa, FL.

Huchzermeier, A., Iyer, A., & Stolle, J. (2000). SMARTS - Smart Consumers and Retail Promotions. ISL, Iwate, Japan.


Iyer, A., and Zelikovsky, A. (2011). Orchestrating Supply Chain Opportunities: Achieving Stretch Goals Efficiently. Business Expert Press.

Iyer, A., Koudal, P., Saranga, H. and Seshadri, S. (2009). Indian Manufacturing Strategic and Operational Decisions and Business Performance. World Scientif.

Iyer, A., Seshadri, S., and Vasher, R. (2009). Toyota Supply Chain Management. McGraw Hill Trade.

>Book Chapters

Huchzermeier, A., and Iyer, A. (2006). Supply Chain Management in a Promotional Environment. Retailing in the 21st Century: Current and Future Trends,Springer Berlin.

Iyer, A., and Seshadri, S. (2006). Transforming an Indian Manufacturing Company: The Rane Brake Linings Case. Supply Chain Management in Emerging Markets.

Iyer, A. (2001). Demand Forecasting and Management. In Gavriel Salvendy (Ed.), Handbook of Industrial Engineering. Wiley-Interscience.

Iyer, A. (1998). Modeling the Impact of Information on Inventories. In S. Tayur, R. Ganeshan, & M. Magazine (Ed.), Quantitative Models in Supply Chain Management. Springer.